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Spar or Spars may refer to:

Common meanings[edit]

  • Spar (sailing), part of a sailing vessel
  • Spar hitch, also called ground-line hitch, is a knot used to attach the end of a rope to a spar, beam or pole.
  • Spar (aeronautics), part of an aircraft
  • Spar, engage in sparring, a form of mock combat
  • SPAR, (Sailor Performance Appraisal Report) is a relationship with your superior.

In business[edit]

  • Spar (retailer), a Dutch multinational retail chain and franchise
  • Spar Aerospace, a former Canadian aerospace company
  • Spar grocery stores, a brand of Pisiffik, the largest privately owned commercial company in Greenland
  • NASDAQ symbol for Spartan Motors, an American automotive company


SPAR or SPARS[edit]

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