Spark (Thomas Leeb album)

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Studio album by
Recordedvarious locations, a.o.:
  • TV Tray Studios, Simim Valley, California
  • Hitbox Altenburg, Austria
  • Wrong Studios
LabelThomas Leeb (Indie-label)
ProducerThomas Leeb
Thomas Leeb chronology
riddle Spark Upside Down

Spark is Thomas Leeb's second available release and features nine instrumentals and one song with vocals.[1]

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Albino"
  2. "Oft Geht Bled"
  3. "Spark"
  4. "Jebuda"
  5. "Proseta Se Jovka Kumanovka"
  6. "Wuschel"
  7. "Cycles"
  8. "Jovanova Majka"
  9. "Atsia-Songs"
  10. "Lemming"
  11. "Sweet Child O' Mine"
  12. "Theme and Variations"
  13. "Pippi"

All songs by Thomas Leeb, except

  • "Proseta Se Jovka Kumanovka" (Traditional, arr. Leeb, Tadić)
  • "Cycles" (Ana Friedman, arr. Leeb)
  • "Jovanova Majka" (Traditional, arr. Leeb, Tadić)
  • "Atsia Songs" (Traditional, arr. Leeb)
  • "Sweet Child o'Mine" (Guns'N'Roses, arr. Leeb)
  • "Theme and Variations" (Op. 76 No 3.) (Haydn, arr. Leeb)
  • "Pippi" (Traditional, arr. Leeb)


  • Thomas Leeb - acoustic guitar, vocals, sogo, bells
  • Miroslav Tadić - baritone guitar
  • Evan Fraser - kalimba
  • Josh Cohen - acoustic guitar
  • Anthony Douglass - bells, kidi
  • Giedrius Maculevicius - armpit


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