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Spark Publications
Status defunct (1946)
Founded 1944
Country of origin United States
Headquarters location Springfield, Massachusetts
Key people Jerry Robinson, Mort Meskin
Publication types Comic books
Fiction genres superhero
Imprints Fact & Fiction Publications

Spark Publications was a short-lived comic book publisher in the mid-1940s, during the Golden Age of Comic Books. The company was established and owned by Ken Crossen, who was the creator and writer of the Green Lama. Most of their comics was produced by a studio run by Jerry Robinson and Mort Meskin. Other creators who worked for Spark included Joseph Greene and Mac Raboy. The combination of Robinson, Meskin, and Raboy, using similar styles, gave Spark's books a sort of house style.

During their short existence Spark put out fifteen issues of three titles: two issues of Atoman, eight of The Green Lama (a series they picked up from Crestwood Publications), and five of Golden Lad.

Solely a publisher of superhero comics, the company was too small to survive the shrinking of the market post-World War II.


Titles published[edit]

  • Atoman Comics (2 issues, 1946)
  • Golden Lad (5 issues, 1945/46)
  • Green Lama (8 issues, 1944–46)


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