Sparkford Wood

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Sparkford Wood
Site of Special Scientific Interest
Field adjacent to the Haynes International Motor Museum (geograph 2653624).jpg
Sparkford Wood is located in Somerset
Sparkford Wood
Location within Somerset
Area of Search Somerset
Grid reference ST613275
Coordinates 51°02′44″N 2°33′12″W / 51.04554°N 2.55342°W / 51.04554; -2.55342Coordinates: 51°02′44″N 2°33′12″W / 51.04554°N 2.55342°W / 51.04554; -2.55342
Interest Biological
Area 8.4 hectares (0.084 km2; 0.032 sq mi)
Notification 1954 (1954)
Natural England website

Sparkford Wood (grid reference ST613275) is an 8.4 hectare (20.7 acre) biological Site of Special Scientific Interest at Sparkford in Somerset, notified in 1954.

Sparkford Wood is a broadleaved semi-natural woodland situated on heavy fertile soils. It dates from at least the 18th Century and its survival amongst the prime agricultural land of south-east Somerset makes it unique. The ground flora, which includes abundant Bluebell (Hyacinthoides non-scriptus), varies in conjunction with differences in soils which range from mildly calcareous to acid. The woodland has a large population of homostyle Primroses (Primula vulgaris) which have been the subject of some classic genetic studies. These plants are unique in that they represent a self-fertile form of a normally self-sterile species, and they are of international significance in providing research opportunities.[1]


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