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SparkleShare Folder in GNOME
Stable release
1.5.0 / December 22, 2015; 14 months ago (2015-12-22)
Development status Active
Written in C#
Operating system Microsoft Windows
iOS (On hold)
Android (On hold)
Available in English
Type Online backup service
License GPLv3+

SparkleShare is open-source client software that provides cloud storage and file synchronization services. By default, it uses Git as a storage backend. SparkleShare is comparable to Dropbox, but the cloud storage can be provided by the user's own server, or a hosted solution such as GitHub.[1][2] The advantage of self-hosting is that the user retains absolute control over their own data. In the simplest case, self-hosting only requires SSH and Git.[3] SparkleShare's support for both Android and iOS devices is on hold due to the lack of developer resources.[4]

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