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Sparkle Hayter (born 1958) is a Canadian journalist and author.

Hayter was born in Pouce Coupe, British Columbia, Canada and grew up in Edmonton, Alberta. In 1986, she graduated in film and television production from New York University. Among other things, she worked for CNN in Atlanta, WABC in New York and Global Television in Toronto. At the time of the Afghan civil war, she moved to Pakistan and then went along with the Mujahedin to Afghanistan, reporting for the Toronto Star.[1] After this, she decided to give up journalism as a career. After her return to the U.S. she married and began her career as a comic and a writer with her first, not very successful, novel. She moved briefly to Tokyo, then on her return to New York divorced and went to live in the famous Chelsea Hotel.

She then published a further 5 novels, the Robin Hudson series, which proved her breakthrough. She wrote for the New York Times Op-Ed Page, the Nation and Toronto Globe and Mail, was a regular participant on CNN's talk show "CNN & Company" and was also seen on Good Day New York, NPR, CBC, BBC and Paris Premiere. Currently she lives in Paris and is writing her next novel.

In 1995 she received the Arthur Ellis Award (Best First Crime Novel) of the Crime Writers of Canada for her novel What's A Girl Gotta Do?.

Hayter has also performed as a stand-up.[2]


Robin Hudson series[edit]

  • 1994: What's A Girl Gotta Do?
  • 1996: Nice Girls Finish Last
  • 1997: Revenge of the Cootie Girls
  • 1998: The Last Manly Man
  • 2000: The Chelsea Girl Murders
  • 2005: Last Girl Standing

Other novels[edit]

  • 2002: Naked Brunch
  • 2004: Bandit Queen Boogie

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