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The Sparrow (Hebrew: אנקור‎, pronounced [anˈkor]) target missile is an Israeli medium-range air-launched ballistic missile produced by Rafael Advanced Defense Systems.[1] The missile is currently used as a target missile to test the Arrow anti-ballistic missile system.[2][3][4] The missile has a modular warhead section and is capable of carrying a high-explosive warhead.[5]


There are three versions of the missile: Black Sparrow, Blue Sparrow, and Silver Sparrow.[5] The Silver Sparrow version is designed to simulate Iranian Shahab-3 class ballistic missiles with a 1,500-2,000 km range.[5][6]

The Silver Sparrow version was first tested on September 2, 2013.[7] The launch from the Mediterranean was detected by a Russian ballistic missile early warning radar at Armavir,[8] followed by Israeli acknowledgement of the test over an hour later.[7]


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