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Spartan apple.jpg
SpeciesMalus pumila
Hybrid parentage'McIntosh' × Unknown
OriginSummerland, British Columbia, Canada, 1936

The 'Spartan' is an apple cultivar developed by Dr. R. C Palmer and introduced in 1936 from the Federal Agriculture Research Station in Summerland, British Columbia, now known as the Pacific Agri-Food Research Centre - Summerland.[1] The 'Spartan' is notable for being the first new breed of apple produced from a formal scientific breeding program.[2] The apple was supposed to be a cross between two North American cultivars, the 'McIntosh' and the 'Newtown Pippin', but recently, genetic analysis showed the 'Newtown Pippin' was not one of the parents and its identity remains a mystery. The 'Spartan' apple is considered a good all-purpose apple.[3] The apple is of medium size and has a bright-red blush, but can have background patches of greens and yellows.[4]

Disease susceptibility[edit]

  • Scab: high[5]
  • Powdery mildew: high
  • Cedar apple rust: high
  • Fire blight: medium

Sports and descendants[edit]

  • 'Hunter Spartan', a tetraploid form of 'Spartan'



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