Spatial Query Server

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Boeing Spatial Query Server
Sqs viewer.jpg
Screenshot of SQS Viewer running under Windows
Developer(s) The Boeing Company
Initial release December 2001
Stable release
3.6 / November 2007
Operating system SGI, Solaris, Linux, Windows 2000, 2003 & XP
Type Geodatabase
License Pay Licensed Closed Source/Proprietary
Website Boeing SQS

The Boeing Company's Spatial Query Server is a commercially available product which enables a Sybase database to contain spatial features.

Geometric Types[edit]

  • Circle
  • Ellipse
  • Point - a point in 2D space. (x,y) plane.
  • Voxel - a point in 3D space. (x,y,z) volume.
  • Polygon
  • Polygon(n)
  • Polygon set
  • Gpolygon
  • Gpolygon(n)
  • Gpolygon_set
  • Line
  • Line(n)
  • Line_set
  • Rectangle
  • Rectangle_set
  • Llbox
  • Llbox_set

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