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A spatial query is a special type of database query supported by geodatabases and spatial databases. The queries differ from non-spatial SQL queries in several important ways. Two of the most important are that they allow for the use of geometry data types such as points, lines and polygons and that these queries consider the spatial relationship between these geometries.

Types of queries[edit]

The function names for queries differ across geodatabases. The following list contains commonly used functions built into PostGIS, a free geodatabase which is a PostgreSQL extension (the term 'geometry' refers to a point, line, box or other two or three dimensional shape):

Function prototype: functionName (parameter(s)) : return type

  • Distance(geometry, geometry) : number
  • Equals(geometry, geometry) : boolean
  • Disjoint(geometry, geometry) : boolean
  • Intersects(geometry, geometry) : boolean
  • Touches(geometry, geometry) : boolean
  • Crosses(geometry, geometry) : boolean
  • Overlaps(geometry, geometry) : boolean
  • Contains(geometry, geometry) : boolean
  • Length(geometry) : number
  • Area(geometry) : number
  • Centroid(geometry) : geometry

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