Spawn: The Eternal

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Spawn: The Eternal
Spawn - The Eternal Coverart.png
Developer(s)Sony Computer Entertainment
Publisher(s)Sony Computer Entertainment
Hudson Soft (JPN)
  • PAL: April, 1998
  • JP: September 17, 1998

Spawn: The Eternal is a video game developed and published by Sony Computer Entertainment for the PlayStation, based on the comic book character Spawn created by Todd McFarlane and produced by Image Comics. It was released on December 1, 1997 in North America and received poor reviews. When played on a CD player, the disc would be revealed to contain a lengthy audio interview with Spawn creator Todd McFarlane.[2]


Development on the game began in early 1995. The game's original format was scrapped in 1996 so that it could be redesigned in the same 3D maze style as the popular Tomb Raider, leading to the development cycle being stretched out to two years.[3] A release date was announced for August 1997 to be released around the same time the Spawn film was released in theaters,[3] but pushed back to December due to further delays.

All of the character animations were recorded at Sony's in-house motion capture studio in San Diego.[4]

During development the team regularly sent unfinished copies of the game to Todd McFarlane and his right-hand man Terry Fitzgerald, who would review the game and provide feedback.[4]


The game received a generally negative response from critics. GameSpot scored the game 1.8/10, citing poor controls, buggy graphics, and a camera which moves far too slow to keep up with the player character.[5] IGN gave the game a 2/10, complaining of grainy textures, simplistic combat, overly easy puzzles, and general lack of challenge.[6]

Next Generation reviewed the PlayStation version of the game, rating it one star out of five, and stated that "Dishearteningly, Spawn: The Eternal will probably sell just because of the attached license, proving that we haven't learned a damn thing in all of the years of movie-licensed games, from E.T. up to this atrocity. Shame on Sony."[7]


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