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This article details the characters found in all four versions of The Tick.

Main characters[edit]

The Tick[edit]

The Tick is a superhero in a blue bug suit (which may or may not be part of his body). He is the main protagonist of the Tick franchise.


Arthur is the Tick's sidekick. He is formally introduced in The Tick #4, but appears as a mysterious flying figure in the background of earlier issues of that series. Trained as an accountant, Arthur purchased his moth suit at an auction, and decided to pursue the life of a superhero (resulting in indefinite "psychiatric leave" from his accounting firm). After rescuing a powerful ninja artifact (the Thorn of Oblivion) and helping the Tick and Oedipus defeat the ninjas, Arthur decides to become the Tick's sidekick. As a running joke, Arthur is often mistaken for a bunny (owing to the shape and size of his costume's antennae, and the fact that his wings are usually folded up). His doughy physique, shy manner, lack of self-confidence, and hesitation in the face of danger is often played for comic contrast against the attitudes and tendencies of the other characters (especially the Tick himself). Arthur is ethnically Jewish (mentioned in an episode of the 1994 cartoon series), and his family would strongly prefer he leave the superhero lifestyle and return to accounting. Arthur's apartment serves as his and the Tick's superhero headquarters. The 2016 TV series reveals Arthur's full name to be "Arthur Everest", but it is unknown if this is his full name in any other media.

In the 1994 cartoon series, Arthur is voiced by Micky Dolenz in Season One and by Rob Paulsen in Seasons Two and Three. In the 2001 TV series, Arthur is portrayed by David Burke. In the 2016 TV series, Arthur is portrayed by Griffin Newman.[1]

Main allies of the Tick[edit]

The Tick has different main allies in each of his media appearances:

  • American Maid (voiced by Kay Lenz) – A parody of Wonder Woman and Captain America exclusive to the 1994 series, American Maid is the World's Most Patriotic Domestic and has a love/hate relationship with Die Fledermaus, though there are hints at a past romance. She is possibly the only competent superhero in the animated series apart from the Tick and Arthur, with whom she occasionally teams up. American Maid is a skilled acrobat and can throw her tiara and stilettos with extreme accuracy. Her name is a pun on "American made".
  • Batmanuel (portrayed by Nestor Carbonell) – Exclusive to the 2001 TV series, Batmanuel is a Latino parody of Batman who teams up with the Tick and Arthur. Although he claims to be a superhero, Batmanuel doesn't have any special powers and is shown to be a cowardly, shady, and lecherous superhero. He has a love/hate relationship with Captain Liberty.
  • Captain Liberty (portrayed by Liz Vassey) – Exclusive to the 2001 TV series, Captain Liberty is a parody of Wonder Woman who teams up with the Tick and Arthur. She is a serious and somewhat sarcastic superhero who works for the CIA. Despite acting tough to other people, she occasionally has relationship issues and woman problems. She has a love/hate relationship with Batmanuel.
  • Die Fledermaus (voiced by Cam Clarke) – Exclusive to the 1994 TV series, Die Fledermaus has a love/hate relationship with American Maid, though there are hints at a past romance. Die Fledermaus is usually the first superhero to run away from danger except on specific occasions. He is also egotistical and obsessed with beautiful women. Die Fledermaus' equipment consists of a roof swinging grappling line gun, utility belt and exoskeleton, and articulated cape. Die Fledermaus means "the bat" in German, literally "the flitter-mouse". Another parody of Batman.
  • Sewer Urchin (voiced by Jess Harnell) – A sea urchin-themed superhero who has a luxurious apartment, largely furnished with salvage from the sewers. However, he has relatively few guests. Sewer Urchin has super stench slime secreting spikes on his suit that enable him to stick on any surface. He is also equipped with lemon grenades, butter shooters, bars of soap, and other various apparel to aid him in his underground endeavor. In addition, he has an oxygen tank and mask which allow him to breathe in the thickest of sewer sludge.
  • Overkill/Straight Shooter (portrayed by Scott Speiser) - Exclusive to the 2016 TV series he is an antihero vigilante who is seeking to find the Terror. Initially out to retrieve Arthur's stolen suit from him, Overkill becomes aware of Arthur's theory that the Terror is still alive and reluctantly joins forces with him and the Tick. Operator of "Danger-Boat" and teacher/romantic interest to Arthur's sister Dot, Overkill used to be Uncle Samson's sidekick Straight Shooter until the day when Terror massacred the Flag Five where the syphilis rendered him blind and the Terror's minions crushed his hands. This caused Overkill to gain cybernetic eyes and hands to replace his lost body parts. Above average strength, speed, agility, and healing. He wields a sniper rifle, dual knives, handgun, shuriken, and bombs. He is a direct parody of Deathstroke.

Characters in the comic book[edit]


Superheroes in The Tick include:[citation needed]

Character Notable powers Notes
The Ant Has something in his mouth.
Big Shot Stores a massive arsenal of weaponry including sub machine guns and grenades inside of a wooden chest he wears on his back.
The Cape A "Golden Age" superhero that wears an armored cape and is an ally of the Sultan. In his later life, the Cape's armored cape gave him back problems.
The Caped Wonder (a/k/a Clark Oppenheimer) See-through vision, super strength, invulnerability, flight, very-hot-vision, super hearing. A spoof of Superman.
Captain Academia No known powers, but he does wield a dangerous-looking straight-edge ruler Dressed in a cap and gown.
Crime Cannibal (AKA Keith Donner) Possesses slight superhuman strength and the ability to eat human beings at high speed, but has given up cannibalism. A superhero who later poses as a super villain in order to infiltrate Lord Byron's gang.
Fish Boy: Lost Prince of Atlantis Sea-animal telepathy Fish Boy: Misplaced Prince of Atlantis who can't swim.
Four-Legged Man Has four legs
Fiery Flame A pyromaniac hero who was driven mad when his family and dog died. Father of the future hero Friendly Fire.
Hand-Grenade Man None. Carries a grenade.
Mighty Agrippa: Roman God of the Aqueduct Superhuman strength, flight, water control Arch-enemy of Thrakkorzog.
Mucilage Man Shoots high density adhesives from his self made suit Early version of who would later become Captain Mucilage in the animated series.
Six Gun Can juggle and fire guns very well
Oedipus A ninja and apprentice of Shing, a ninja master. Full name: Oedipus Ashley Stevens. A spoof of Elektra.
Sister Pulchritude Can shoot energy beams and has incredible kung-fu skills, but only when she undresses. Attempted to join the Unnamed Superhero Team (that includes the Tick and Arthur) but was prevented by the Bumbling Bee.
Paul the Samurai Martial artist. Fights with a loaf of bread. Arch-nemesis and brother of Sagin, who deposed him as master of ninjas.
The Sultan He was the hero of the "Golden Age". Calls himself the world's best hero. Arch-enemy to King Crime. Inspired Arthur for heroism, or at least side-kickery.
Shing The former leader of the ninjas in America.
Ulysses Bang A "Golden Age" superhero who was an ally of the Sultan.
Visible Man A "Golden Age" superhero who was an ally of the Sultan.
Civic-Minded Five
Radio King Can make solid objects out of sound Leader
Oddman Has wires coming out of his mask. Most of which were sawed off by the Chainsaw Vigilante.
Mr. Envelope Envelope-firing gun that can trap enemies
Feral Boy Acts like an animal. The only member that appears in other media.
Fernslinger Created by Radio King. Destroyed by the Chainsaw Vigilante.
Unnamed Superhero Team (includes the Tick and Arthur)
Rubber Ducky Elasticity Has a relationship with Bumbling Bee.
Bumbling Bee Shoots bees and honey from hive strapped to wrist Surprisingly ruthless when playing Risk
Caped Cod Real name Walter, a violent womanizing alcoholic. Has had four wives, all of whom divorced him, and four sidekicks. Prone to doing insensitive things such as sending Bumbling Bee lingerie or giving Crazy Blue Rocket tongue depressors.
Portuguese Man-of War Has a whip with barbs which can violently stun what ever it hits. Self-pitying divorcee. Real name Warren Sr., formerly part of a father-son team, his ex-wife however was horrified and sued him for custody. He lost the case which he blames on wearing his costume to court. Wears a jellyfish hat on his head.
Running Guy Has the speed of ten really fast men
Crazy Blue Rocket Flies (erratically) Formerly a great superhero, he went insane after the death of his sidekick. However, due to his detached mental state he believes himself to be in his glory days and his sidekick is still alive. He flies into a fit of psychosis when this illusion is challenged. Often talks to himself and the jar of Johnny Wingless, which he uses to explain his plans. However, true his mental state are not very plausible, such as sticking honey covered tongue depressors to himself and pretending to be a tree, in order to stop the rampage of the Dire Wreath. Has a very worn appearance, his costume is torn and one of the lenses on his goggles is broken, he is also constantly salivating. He is one of the few heroes whom even the Tick recognizes as insane.
Johnny Wingless The sidekick of Crazy Blue Rocket, really, a detached tongue in a jar. All that remains of Johnny after a rocketing accident.


Supervillains in The Tick include:

Character Notable powers Notes
Barry Hubris (a.k.a. "the Tick") Invented vast supply of Tick-related gear with his inherited fortune. Has no known noted powers. His gear consist of his indestructible impact shield. It is able to absorb an infinite amount of pressure or energy and redistribute back at the attacker in finite quantities. Tick grappling gun, Tick cycle with side car. Was defeated by the Tick and stripped of his name and possessions by the Tri-State Superhero Congress. He tries to kill the Tick for his name. It's debatable if he's a hero or a villain.
Chainsaw Vigilante A skilled fighter with a chainsaw Attacks superheroes, who he thinks are self-interested meddlers, but he is not a true super-villain. He has never killed anyone with his chainsaw. Has a vendetta against the Tick whom he was unable to subdue.
Chairface Chippendale Master criminal strategist, good connections with underground villains Has a chair for a head. Tries repeatedly to gain infamy by vandalizing public objects with his image. Has a son named Stoolface. He attempted to carve his name into the moon but was thwarted midway through, leaving the letters CHA on the surface.
The District Manager Basic martial arts training, master commercial business man. The leader of Ninjas in America. Henchman to Sagin.
Lord Byron Leader of a criminal gang. Speaks mainly in dramatic verse.
Man-Eating Cow Originally appeared in a pit of crocodiles and cows in Chairface Chippendale's castle. She is the only cow to survive. Considerably stronger and tougher than any ordinary cow. Like Crime Cannibal, Man-Eating Cow can consume humans with alarming speed. Has never been seen to eat anyone but violent criminals.
Ninjas A group of ninjas that work for the District Manager.
The Red Eye Lethal stare A mysterious hitchhiker whose stare can kill or drive people insane and make them his servants. Has his own horror comic series. Issue 13 of his comic was published in real-life.
Sagin One of the last Great masters of Ninjitsu, highly skilled at hand-to-hand combat. Adapted ninja tradition in order to be able to use guns World overlord of the ninjas.
Phalanx of Gloom
Thrakkorzog Brilliant scientist and mastermind. Access to alien technology. Possesses tongue with its own mind Being from another dimension whose goal is to take over the world with an army of gelatinous clone-soldiers. He was thrown out for eating Toy de Force.
Cockroach Super strength, possible nigh-invulnerability leader of the Phalanx of Gloom. She is French, her favorite candy is Pez, and her favorite movie may possibly be Old Yeller.
The Red Scare Superhuman strength and durability Handles a hammer and sickle attached to his wrist The villain-for-hire from Villains, Inc. that would be hired by up-and-coming superheroes to make them look good. Originally known as the Whirling Scottish Devil, he does not look like his cartoon counterpart.
Candyman Has a gumball machine for a head.
Underwaterer "The other Lost Prince of Atlantis" outside of Fish Boy. Quit the Phalanx of Gloom when the Tick almost hit him with an anchor.
Fuzzy Person See entry below
Toy de Force Controls toy robots Was eventually eaten by Thrakkorzog over an argument over what was better: gelatin zombies or toy robots.
The Praying Mantis Cannibalism Eats men only after having sex with them. Tried to use her powers on the Caped Cod. The only reason she is in the Phalanx of Gloom is because she says she is a master of ju-jitsu. She is jealous of the Cockroach because her outfit shows off her shoulders.
Lumber Jane Chainsaw wielding Was once the superhero Frogwoman, but was defeated by the Chainsaw Vigilante. After her defeat, she became a villain based on him, however she is not as feared. She wields an electric chainsaw that has a 100-foot extension cord. She does not like smokers.
Semi-Billionaire none "The villainous enabler". He founded the Phalanx Of Gloom. He is extremely wealthy and is one of the two members of the Cigar Club. He believes in the nobility of superheroes, as Multi-Millionaire does not.
The Evileers
The Fuzzy Person Can inflate him- or herself. Most foes find his or her power humorous rather than frightening.
Mr. Tragedy Smarter than any body else on the team Failed acting career. Weakest of the Evileers. Was taken out by a tire. Almost never smiles, if ever.
Multiple Santa Can create multiple copies of himself in battle. He is a criminal dressed as Santa Claus
The Terror Brilliant mastermind. Basic knowledge of militaristic strategies and extensive chemistry and scientific experience Decrepit leader of the Evileers. He wrote a workout book for old villains called "Terrorizing". Supposedly eaten by the Man-eating cow in "Big Yule Log 2001", however he is seen again in the Yule Log Trilogy.
Tuun-La: Not of this World Flight, armored muumuu and strong pincers.

Characters in the animated series[edit]


Character Notable powers Notes Voice Actor
Big Shot Uses powerful guns and weaponry His mother never loved him, which is what caused him to take the violent path of using heavy artillery as a hero. By his second appearance, he has undergone anger management therapy, and has lived by the mantra "Keep anger in the Happy Box". Kevin Schon
Bi-Polar Bear A superhero dressed as a polar bear with bipolar disorder. Ed Gilbert
Blowfish Avenger He can puff up to expose his pointy spikes He is practically immobile when expanded. When he auditioned at the National Super Institute in Reno, Nevada, he was assigned to New Rochelle, New York. N/A (silent character; although he has had dialogue in other media such as the book "Mighty Blue Justice!")
Crusading Chameleon Changes his coloring to match his surroundings, sticks to walls He cannot replicate plaid, brick, polka dot, or any other complicated pattern, and attempting to do so causes him to pass out. He is erroneously referred to as the Caped Chameleon in the first episode. Rob Paulsen
Captain Lemming Jumps off rooftops. Battle cry: "Come on spine, work with me" Micky Dolenz
Carmelita Vatos Flight (with moth suit) Both her and Arthur's moth suits were made by Carmelita's father, J.J. Eureka Vatos. Jennifer Hale
Courderoy Cordoba A man of mystery and night watchman at the Aztec ruins. Philip Proctor
Doorman Flight. Can sort the superheroes and sidekicks that appear at the Comet Club His doorman senses don't seem to apply to supervillains Maurice LaMarche
Earth Quaker Earth powers. Dresses like a Quaker. Was a judge in the city assignments. N/A (silent character)
Éclair Flies and fires lightning energy from her eyes Superheroine of Belgium, named after the French word for lightning, not the pastry Lisa Raggio
Fiery Flame Fire powers. Was a judge in the city assignments. Father of the future hero Friendly Fire N/A (silent character)
Fish Boy The young misplaced prince of Atlantis who must keep himself moist. Cam Clarke
Human Bullet Can survive being fired from a cannon in his backyard As a running gag, he will fire himself at the first sign of trouble, but somehow always manages to make the situation worse, or at best have no effect at all. Jess Harnell
Jet Valkyrie Flight Susan Silo
Mighty Agrippa: Roman God of the Aqueduct Can fly, has super strength, and can move huge volumes of water from one place to another. Jess Harnell
Plunger Man Can unclog toilets. Plunger Man is a plumber (real name Buster) who can even venture into the girls' bathroom to thwart the evil of clogged toilets. He later used a wrench to reattach Tick and Arthur's arms after they were blasted off by Milo's invention. Kevin Schon
Rubber Justice Extreme flexibility. Was a judge in the city assignments. N/A (silent character)
Santa Claus The joyous incarnation of Christmas. Makes a rare personal appearance to convince the Tick that Multiple Santa is an imposter. Ron Feinberg
Speak None A capybara. The Tick believes Speak has superpowers and often takes the terrified animal on patrol. Jess Harnell
Civic-Minded Five
Captain Mucilage A man armed with mucilage-spraying nozzles Rob Paulsen
The Carpeted Man Can generate a static charge on any surface (with suit of shag carpet) Can overheat in sunny, warm weather. His real name is Gary. Pat Fraley
Feral Boy Animal tendency Despite being feral and incapable of complete speech patterns, he actually drives the team's car. Kevin Schon
4-Legged Man Has 4 legs Leads the Civic-Minded Five Roger Rose
Jungle Janet Very athletic and skilled in combat A jungle woman-themed superhero who is perhaps one of the most competent members of the team. Susan Silo
The Decency Squad
Captain Decency Leader of the now-retired Decency Squad Jim Cummings
Johnny Polite Politeness It is this politeness that gets him smothered in chocolate by the Terror in the episode "Grandpa Wore Tights". Cam Clarke
The Living Doll Opens up to reveal several smaller versions of himself, just like a Russian nesting doll. Battle cry: "I'm full of tinier men!" Kevin Schon
Suffra-jet A rocket strapped to her back Battle cry: "I vote for goodness!" (being a play on "suffragette"). Susan Blu
The Visual Eye Shoots eyes as reconnaissance projectiles Battle cry: "Rockets from the sockets!" Pat Fraley
Potential superheroes-in-training
Baby Boomerangutan He throws baby dolls that come back as boomerangs. Former colleague of Arthur who dresses as an orangutan. Battle cry: "It's OK to play with dolls." Kevin Schon
Gesundheitan He has super allergies. Battly cry: "It's sneezing time!" Paul Eiding
Mr. Exciting He is possessed by incredible energy Battle cry: "It's great to be alive." Danny Mann
Sarcastro Biting sarcasm Strongly resembles Cuban dictator Fidel Castro, hence the gag. Charlie Adler
The Flying Squirrel Animal empathy Just really likes squirrels and has the power to call them to her aid. Her catchphrase is "I love squirrels." Laraine Newman


Character Notable powers Notes Voice Actor
Blitzen Éclair's sidekick, superheroine of Belgium, named after the German word for lightning, not the reindeer. Drives a cool motorcycle. Candi Milo
Fire Me Boy Human Bullet's son who fires the cannon that Human Bullet is shot out of. N/A (silent character)


Character Notable powers Notes Voice Actor
The Angry Red Herring Also referred to as simply the Red Herring, he can rub petroleum jelly on himself to escape the grasps of superheroes. He also has machine guns in place of eyes in his fish costume. Real identity is Milton Roe, who is a fishmonger and jewel thief Kevin Schon
Baron Violent Has a belt he uses to adjust his muscular mass, and in turn, his strength, often to overblown proportion Without the belt enhancement, he is not over five feet tall. Brian Peck
Barry Hubris (a.k.a. "the Tick") Has a shield with a conductor in it that allows Barry to crush things he wouldn't be able to normally. He uses the name "the Tick", unaware that a hero exists with the same name. He claims to be a hero himself, but is only in it for the fame. Jim Cummings
Betty: Queen of the Ants Speech and Sentience Basically a normal ant that can talk Cathy Moriarty
Brainchild (a.k.a. Charles) Super intelligence, Inventor Gave himself a glass skull to show off his large brain. He acts as a villain on principle alone, and has no real motivation other than causing chaos in ways such as attempting to gravitate the Moon into colliding with Earth. In some way, he is a spoof of Leader. Rob Paulsen (1st Time), Stuart Stone (2nd Time)
The Breadmaster Creates baked goods that are used as weapons Expelled from baking college for "pursuing perverse baking experiments". Roddy McDowell (1st Time), Jess Harnell (2nd Time onward)
Chairface Chippendale A crime lord and evil mastermind who has a chair for a head. He is also an expert at fencing. Tony Jay
The Deadly Bulb Has a light socket on the top of his head in which a giant light bulb usually sits. As transport, he uses a hot air balloon in the shape of a skull. Inexplicably has a living pig (with a mind of its own) on the end of his right leg—which serves as the basis for his later name, Pigleg Maurice LaMarche
The Deadly Nose Has the double-barrel muzzle of a gun for a nose N/A (silent character)
Dinosaur Neil Can turn into a giant dinosaur Although not technically evil, Dinosaur Neil was originally a paleontologist who got exposed to dinosaur DNA and must take a special medicine to keep himself from transforming and going on thoughtless rampages. He later marries Arthur's sister, Dot. Danny Mann
Dr. Julius Pendecker Crazy inventor A mumbling mad scientist and rival of Mr. Mental Mark Hamill
Dyna-mole A man resembling a mole who is continually ensconced in sticks of dynamite. His voice is an impersonation of Peter Lorre Pat Fraley
Eastern-Bloc Robot Cowboy A cyberneticist (presumably from Communist eastern Europe, despite the western theme) who transferred his brain to a walking, talking vending machine. Has an unfortunate weakness to quarters. Pat Fraley
El Seed Knows how to make chemicals that manipulate plants An anthropomorphic sunflower wearing a green matador uniform. His name is a play on the historic Spanish hero El Cid. Ed Gilbert
The Evil Midnight Bomber What Bombs at Midnight Explosives expert A crazed bomber who tries to blow up establishments of all sorts, preferably places where superheroes are known to gather, such as the Comet Club. Rarely goes a second without mumbling to himself recollections of snippets of conversation with an unknown second party (given his obvious psychosis, this other person may just be a second personality), some glorifying himself ("And then I says, "Tell me I'm wrong!" And he says, "I can't, baby, 'cause you're not!"), others suggesting a bad end between the two ("And so he says, "I don't like the cut of your jib!" And I go, I says, "It's the only jib I got, baby!"). Maurice LaMarche
Eyebrows Mulligan A gangster with long eyebrows Townsend Coleman
The Fin (formally known as Mr. Smartypants) He has super-intelligence A talking dolphin who formerly performed in Reno, Nevada, who turns to evil after being annoyed constantly by his trainers Soren and Frederica Maurice LaMarche
The Guy With Ears Like Little Raisins A gangster who has ears like little raisins N/A (silent character)
Harriet Curse A villain with dark powers. She resembles Oedipus' mother from the comics. N/A (silent character)
Headless Henderson A villain with no head N/A (silent character)
The Heys A nihilistic race who worship nothing. For a peculiar reason, they all wear suits exactly like Arthur's moth suit. Hank Saroyan and Steve Susskind
The Hotel Manager A man from the distant future who opens up a restaurant in the distant past. Maurice LaMarche
The Human Ton and Handy The Human Ton has super-strength. Handy can speak while the Human Ton's mouth is otherwise preoccupied, such as when biting the head of the Tick An enormous dim-witted man, who is the parody of the Blob from the X-Men comics and his verbose, much more intelligent hand puppet who longs to be "a real boy". Handy apparently has an affinity for encouraging people to read literature rather than watch television; his catchphrase, fittingly, is therefore "Read a book!" Handy is a parody of Batman villain Scarface. Maurice LaMarche
The Idea Men A group of men wearing suits, white gloves, and large metal masks that muffle their voices to the point that their ransom demands cannot be heard. They travel via zeppelin. Ed Gilbert
The Indigestible Man Incapable of being digested An associate of Chairface Chippendale with wild white hair. Navigates large bodies like Dinosaur Neil's body. Ed Gilbert
Jack Tuber: Man of a Thousand Faces Has a potato for a head Kevin Schon
Jim Rage A (former) special agent with Project S.H.A.V.E. that has been pursuing an elusive mustache—so much so that his S.H.A.V.E. allies ultimately end up ending their affiliation with him. He wears an eyepatch—not because he is missing an eye, but rather because he thinks it makes him look cool. Likely a parody of Nick Fury Brad Garrett
Joseph Stalin In actual history, Joseph Stalin was the dictator of Russia. In this show, Joseph Stalin was one of the Terror's cronies whose Atomic Robot Zombie Cronies that he used in his plans to conquer Earth were thwarted by the Decency Squad. Many years later, the Terror mistook Stalingrad as the actual Stalin until Stalingrad corrected him. N/A (only appears in photographs)
Lava-Man Beings made entirely of lava, and the enemy of the Mole people. One in particular was sent to terminate the Mole King. Townsend Coleman
Lou Salazar: The Sewer Czar A corrupt civil agent turned evil and enemy of Sewer Urchin. John Mariano
The Man-Eating Cow A cow capable of eating humans Despite her name, she has never actually been seen eating anyone. Townsend Coleman
Mr. Mental (a.k.a. Mel Mental) Mind control Despite his plans to use his mind control to take over Earth, Mr. Mental is often thwarted due to either bad luck or having the lack of competent help. Canned Walla (baby), Jim Cummings (adult)
The Mother of Invention Super intelligence An androgynous man dressed as a stereotypical mother who creates a time helmet to steal the credit for every invention ever made by kidnapping Leonardo da Vinci, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Edison, Johannes Gutenberg, George Washington Carver, and a cavewoman named Wheel, who allegedly invented the wheel. He would then completely eradicate the past and re-invent the inventions in the future Paul Williams
Multiple Santa Being shocked by high-voltage currents creates electric clones of him He was a criminal who was "granted" his power after stealing a charity worker's Santa Claus suit in an attempt to escape from the police and being accidentally chased off the roof of a building and into a large electric billboard by the Tick (who initially believed the criminal was really Santa). Jim Cummings
Octo-Paginini From Belgium; has three sets of arms, for a total of eight limbs; can play several violins simultaneously Xander Berkeley
Octo Raymond An octopus-themed enemy. He served as the conductor for the Mollusk Band and provided music at the Enemy Awards N/A (silent character)
Omnipotus: The Devourer of Worlds A parody of the Marvel character Galactus. He is an enormous being that feeds on celestial bodies. Although Tick doesn't really consider Omnipotus himself evil, he does consider eating planets (especially Earth) an evil act, according to the book "Mighty Blue Justice!". He has oddly small feet for his size. After Tick convinced him not to eat Earth, he did end up taking a large bite out of the Moon, which remained in that state for the rest of the series' run. Ron Feinberg
The Ottoman Empress Ability to control furniture Also known as simply the Ottoman; she is a beautiful red-head woman who falls in love with Die Fledermaus in an attempt to convert him to evil Mary Kay Bergman
Pineapple Pokopo Above-average strength The leader of a small nation known as Pokoponesia that is known for two things: sharks and pineapples. His head resembles a pineapple (parody of former Panamanian dictator Manuel Noriega who himself was sometimes insultingly called "pineapple-face") Dorian Harewood
Proto-Clown Superhuman strength The product of genetic engineering by a clowning engineer named Bud Frontier in his attempt to make a super-clown with the capacity to amuse and entertain more people than a normal clown. He hates being laughed at, however, and if he is laughed at, it usually results in him going on a destructive, violent rampage. Loosely based on the Incredible Hulk. Kevin Schon
Sheila Eel A female villain that wears an electric eel as a garment She once shocked the Guy With Ears Like Little Raisins when he got too close. Her name is a reference to the singer Sheila E. N/A (silent character)
Stalingrad Encyclopedic knowledge of Stalin (?) A graduate student who looks like and bases his villainy on the work of Joseph Stalin. The Terror constantly gets the two confused as he knew the real Stalin. Stalingrad later falls in love with Tuun-La: Not of This Earth and they later leave Earth together. Jim Cummings
The Sub-Human A Golden Age villain that fought the Decency Squad. He wears a miniature submarine on his head. Jess Harnell
The Swiss Industrial Spies A group of Swiss spies that targeted the notebook of Dr. J.J. Eureka Vatos, inventor of the moth suit Arthur wears, and even tried to steal the pants from Arthur's suit in an attempt to replicate it. Various voices
The Terror Inventor, super-strong in his youth(?) "The greatest villain of the 20th century... and maybe some of the 19th". He once punched out President Teddy Roosevelt. According to Arthur, he is approximately 117 years old. Rob Paulsen
Terry The son of the Terror and a retired insurance adjuster who tries a brief stint walking in his father's footsteps. Peter Bergman
Thrakkorzog An alien creature from Dimension 14B. He had an apartment across the hall from Arthur and the Tick. His voice is an impersonation of James Mason Jim Cummings
Tuun-La, Not of this Earth Can apparently tuck in her legs and shoot flame from where they were (see Gamera). An alien that is a brief ally of the Terror alongside Stalingrad, Human Ton and Handy, and Man-Eating Cow. Tuun-La: Not of This Earth later falls in love with Stalingrad and they later leave Earth together. Pat Musick
Uncle Creamy Being made of ice cream, he can shoot ice cream from his hands, forming it into the shapes he wants, and is very difficult to hurt physically A result of an industrial accident. Spoof of Clayface and Sandman. May not be a villain at heart as he once quoted "I'm not a villain, I'm vanilla". Bobcat Goldthwait
Uncle Creamy II He can fly with his rocket boots and has a missile launcher on his left arm A former KGB agent. Spoof of the many Clayfaces Kevin Schon
Venus Hypnotizes men to become her love slaves and do whatever she wants Bears some resemblance to the Venus of Willendorf. Venus' wimpy husband Milo is her sidekick Linda Gary
Wally Head The leader of the Deertown Aztecs, a baseball team gone bad. He and his baseball team have a lifestyle similar to the Aztecs, constantly adding the phrase "Itlan" to whatever they say. Phil Austin
Whirling Scottish Devil He can spin at high speeds While the Tick was stranded in space and believed to be dead, Arthur attempted to apprehend this criminal solo. Upon the Tick's return from space aboard Omnipotus' rocket-powered shoe, he knocks the head off of a Tick statue sculpted in his honor by The City, which falls onto the Devil and knocks him out. Pat Fraley
The Yes Men N/A N/A N/A


Character Notable powers Notes Voice Actor
Arthur Clone A clone of Arthur created by Thrakkorzog. It is only capable of saying the phrase "I Arthur". Micky Dolenz
Bee Twins Bee-themed female villains that are El Seed's henchmen. Pat Musick
Boils Brown One of Chairface Chippendale's henchmen, whose face is covered in boils. N/A (silent character)
Buttery Pat Can slip through tight spaces due to being made of butter. The Breadmaster's sidekick Jess Harnell
The Crease Has a large facial crease that covers his eyes Kevin Schon (1st time), Pat Fraley (2nd Time)
Dean Super-strength Chairface Chippendale's henchman who has a butterfly nut for a head. Referred to as the Butterfly-Nutcase in comics and other media. N/A (silent character)
Filth Lou Salazar's henchmen David Lander and Chuck McCann
The Forehead One of Chairface Chippendale's henchmen who has a large forehead. Rob Paulsen
Fortissimo Brothers They have the strength of 10 men where Tick was uncertain whether that means 5 men apiece or twenty altogether Octo Paganini's henchmen. Philip Proctor
Gingerbread Men A bunch of Gingerbread Men created by Breadmaster. They can be rendered immobile upon becoming stale. N/A (silent characters)
Hooks Horowitz A henchman of Chairface Chippendale who has hooks for hands. His face is never seen, and in the comics, he does not even have a head at all. N/A (silent character)
Mad Nanny Wears robotic armor Real name Miriam Brunch, the Mad Nanny is Brainchild's babysitter whom he brainwashed and outfitted in a robotic armor. Pat Musick
Milo Venus' husband and sidekick who's inventing mind created a ray that made the Tick and Arthur's arms fall off and placed them on the crudely-made Evil Tick and Arthur robots which were used to frame them. Wears a poorly made angel costume. Gerrit Graham
Mucus-Tick A clone of Tick created by Thrakkorzog. N/A (silent character)
Mynda The sidekick and girlfriend of Mr. Mental. Jennifer Darling
Professor Chromedome Inventor Chairface Chippendale's mad scientist henchman who wears a tight metal helmet covering his scalp. Hamilton Camp
Rosebud Super-strength Rosebud is a large rose monster created by El Seed to help steal the 400 Year Bloom. Townsend Coleman
Skippy Originally Brainchild's dog, his brain was placed in a robotic dog body after he was hit by a car while chasing another car. Roger Rose
Socket and Watt Deadly Bulb's henchmen Paul Eiding and Jess Harnell
Tick-Bot and Arthur-Bot Crudely-made robot look-a-likes of the Tick and Arthur that were created by Milo and had the stolen arms of Tick and Arthur, whom they were used to frame for various crimes N/A (silent characters)
Zipperneck One of Chairface Chippendale's henchmen. The zipper on his neck can be unzipped to reveal the interior of his esophagus, which is so grotesque that heroes will cease fighting just to avoid looking at it. He was also once mentioned on the 2001 live action show. Pat Fraley


In the 1994 TV series, there are different civilians that live in The City:

Character Notes Voice Actor
Mayor Blank The Mayor of The City. Pat Fraley
Brian Pinhead Local news reporter (pronounced 'pin-aide'). Roger Rose
Captain Sanity A therapist for superheroes. He is a disembodied head being kept alive in a liquid-filled jar. Cam Clarke
Dot Arthur's sister. Initially she disapproves of her brother's lifestyle until she witnesses he and the Tick defeat Dinosaur Neil, whom she later marries. Like Arthur, she is Jewish. Kimmy Robertson
Dr. Bud Frontier Creator of Proto-Clown. Roger Rose
Dr. Think Mad scientist, parody of Dr. Strangelove. Unknown
Mindy Moleford A supermodel who is a parody of Cindy Crawford. She is later revealed to be part Mole-Person. Gail Matthius
The Mole-People Subterranean humanoids. Dan Castellaneta
Professor Akiko Ichibana Caretaker of the 400 Year Bloom. Huanani Minn
Sally Vacuum Local news reporter. Pat Musick
Security Guards Defeated by Brainchild and Venus in their encounters with the villains, but manage to arrest Multiple Santa. Unknown
Taft Physical therapist at Captain Sanity's Superhero Sanitorium, a spoof of John Shaft. The "physical therapy" he used to provide for the Tick would merely consist of him dressing in costumes and beating him up. Dorian Harewood
The Whats A race of intelligent, though cowardly and ugly, aliens. Various Voices

Characters in the 2001 live-action series[edit]


Character Notable powers Notes Actor
The Cape An older superhero. William Newman
Fiery Blaze Uses fire-based weapons. Ron Perlman
Fishboy: Lost Prince of Atlantis Sidekick of the Angler. Todd Felix
Friendly Fire Fiery Blaze's abused sidekick. He is not to be confused with Friendly Fire, a member of the DC Comics superhero team Section 8 that appeared in Hitman. Patrick Breen
The Immortal Superhuman strength, super-speed, enhanced stamina, invulnerability, freezing breath, super hearing, multiple extrasensory and vision powers, intelligence, longevity, flight, and regeneration. Parody of Superman and Arthur's idol. The Immortal died of a heart attack while having sex with Captain Liberty. Sam McMurray
Johnny Republic The sidekick of Uncle Samson. Antwon Tanner
Kid Caboose The sidekick of the Runaway Train. Michael Cornacchia
Medusa She goes to the same dry cleaners as Captain Liberty. Mari Morrow
Metcalf Injured in combat, he now requires a machine to poop. Peter Bergman
Tiny Man Former member of the League of Superheroes. He was kicked out since he wasn't tiny enough. Kevin Thompson
League of Superheroes
The Champion Super-Strength Leader of the League of Superheroes. A racist, elitist, egotistical, and misogynistic parody of Superman. His alter-ego is a lawyer named Steve Filbert, who disguises himself behind a business suit and glasses similarly to Clark Kent. Jonathan Penner
Sonic Boom N/A Robert Mailhouse
Captain Comet N/A Jack Armstrong


Character Notable powers Notes Actor
Apocalypse Cow A 40 ft. cow that can shoot fire from its udder. Apocalypse Cow is an unseen character.
Destroyo His real name is Leonid Kasparov Destroyovitch Kurt Fuller
Francis Peacock A psychiatrist that traps superheroes to fulfill out his own mental issues. Dave Foley
The Red Scare Robot A robot created in the 1970s to destroy Jimmy Carter; released with that same programming in The City as part of an abortive attempt to destroy the U.S. Postal Service. The first villain the Tick and Arthur fought. Carrick O'Quinn
The Terror "The greatest villain of the 20th century... and maybe some of the 19th".[citation needed] He once punched out President Teddy Roosevelt. He is now an extremely feeble and somewhat senile old man, though still shown to be very evil. Armin Shimerman

Characters in the 2016 live-action series[edit]


Character Notable powers Notes Actor
Cat-Man-Dude N/A Mads "Murph" Murphy was a dairy farmer and animal sanctuary operator who operated as the cat-themed superhero Cat-Man-Dude. After Cat-Man-Dude was arrested for the mauling outside of the YMCA while claiming that Mangler set him up, his revealing of his identity at the suggestion of the District Attorney and the Terror's minions killing his "puma wife and litter of child-kittens" caused the government to do the 28th Amendment that was nicknamed "Murphy's Law" which prevents the law enforcement from revealing the personal information of all superheroes. His name is a reference to Catman and to Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal. Jonathan Tindle
Dorothy "Dot" Everest Ability to see what happens in the future when it is a danger for her or others Arthur's older sister who is an emergency medical technician, Overkill's sidekick; she is a category, most likely 4 Valorie Curry
Mighty Sea-Man Aquatic physiology An aquatic superhero. He was once caught in a fishing trawler's nets. Seems to be a parody of Aquaman. Brett Azar
Onward / Midnight Ability to talk, starting fires with his mind A black dog who was the canine sidekick of Christian Soldier. On the day when the Flag Five were killed by the Terror's goons, Onward wasn't there due to being at the vet because of a heartworm condition. After suffering survivor's guilt, Onward took up the alias of Midnight, became a writer where he claims to believe that there is "no God, only Dog", and wrote the self-help book "Good Intentions". Townsend Coleman (voice)
Overkill / Straight Shooter Above average strength, speed, agility, and healing. Later he was given cybernetic enhancements. He wields a sniper rifle, dual knives, handgun, shuriken, and bombs An antihero vigilante who is seeking to find the Terror. Overkill used to be Uncle Samson's sidekick Straight Shooter until the day when Terror massacred the Flag Five where the syphilis rendered him blind and the Terror's minions crushed his hands. This caused Overkill to gain cybernetic eyes and hands to replace his lost body parts. He is a direct parody of Deathstroke. Scott Speiser
Superian Flight, super-strength, heat vision, longevity, freeze breath The world's first and most famous superhero who is a parody of Superman. He arrived during the Tunguska event in 1908. It is theorized that his arrival led to the development of superhumans. Brendan Hines
Tyrannosaurus Rathbone An AEGIS commander who has a metal implant in his chest to cover his black hole heart. Marc Kudisch
Flexon Elasticity A retired hero and former member of the Flag Five who works as a lawyer. Steven Ogg
Bronze Star Unknown N/A Adam Henry Garcia
Sage, the Supernumerary Master of the Mystic Arts The heir to the Blind Eye of Thirdarra. Clé Bennett


Character Notable powers Notes Actor
The Terror The world's most feared supervillain and nemesis of Superian. Believed dead by the public, though the belief he's still alive is a major conspiracy theory. That is until it is revealed that he is, in fact, alive. The Tick and Arthur defeat him in the season 1 finale. Jackie Earle Haley[1]
Miss Lint/Janet/Joan of Arc Electricity manipulation The Terror's most trusted lieutenant. After the Terror's apparent death, she became a lieutenant in the Pyramid Gang. She reunites with the Terror after it is revealed that he is alive. However, she betrays him in the season one finale to control The City for herself. She later takes on a superhero persona of Joan of Arc in season two, revealed in the season two finale as a scheme to rob AEGIS headquarters. Yara Martinez
Ramses IV Leader of the Pyramid Gang, the dominant crime organization in The City. Despite his Egyptian themes in the gang, he comes from Minnesota. Killed by Miss Lint in episode 6. Michael Cerveris
Donnelly Brothers A group of bank robbers from New England. Danny Donelly: Hunter Emery
Denny Donnelly: Brian Faherty
Donny Donnelly: Happy Anderson
Dougie Donnelly: Lucas Nixon
Lobstercules Super strength and aquatic physiology A humanoid lobster. While not technically a supervillain, she was forced to be a villain by the Donnelly Brothers because they kidnapped her children. Niko Nedyalkov (suit performer)
Liz Vassey (voice)
The Duke aka Doctor Agent Hobbes Genius-level intellect Hates superheroes and how they've "infested" AEGIS. Wants the human race to survive and doesn't think superheroes are the answer to that. John Hodgman


In the 2016 TV series, there are different civilians that live in The City:

Character Notes Actor
Beck A paramedic who is friends with Dot. Michelle Buteau
Detective Brown A police detective partnered with Detective Green. Meredith Forlenza
Detective Green A police detective partnered with Detective Brown. Joe Holt
Detective White A police detective working in The City. Brian Dysktra
Dr. Creek A police psychiatrist. Joanna P. Adler
Dr. Mischa Karamazov An Urmanian scientist who developed Arthur's suit John Pirkis
Derek An IT specialist who used to work for the Terror and the ex-husband of Ms. Lint Bryan Greenberg
Goat The owner of a small shop that pays protection money to the Pyramid Gang. Kahlil Ashanti
Joan Arthur and Dot's mother. Patricia Kalember
Officer Dietz A police officer working in The City. Andrew Dolan
Stosh A man who runs the Olympus All Sports Center. He also operates as a back-alley doctor for criminal gangs. Tyler Bunch
Tinfoil Kevin A homeless but not office-less person who lives on the streets that are near Arthur's apartment. He gets his name because he makes his own hats out of tinfoil. He is a category and can make him and others (if they touch him) invisible. Devin Ratray
Walter Arthur and Dot's stepfather, with whom Arthur has a strained relationship. Walter is also an expert at martial arts, which he keeps secret from Arthur's family. He is later revealed to be a former AEGIS agent. François Chau


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