Speak a Little Louder

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Speak a Little Louder
Diane Birch - Speak a Little Louder.jpg
Studio album by Diane Birch
Released October 15, 2013[1]
Genre Rock,[1] synthpop[2]
Length 45:32
Label S-Curve
Producer Diane Birch, Steve Greenberg, Matt Hales, Homer Steinweiss, Ahmir Thompson, Eg White, Sheldon Steiger[3]
Diane Birch chronology
The Velveteen Age
(2010)The Velveteen Age2010
Speak a Little Louder
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
AllMusic 3.5/5 stars[4]
PopMatters (6/10)[1]
Rolling Stone 3.0/5 stars[5]
New York Daily News 3/5 stars[6]

Speak a Little Louder is the second studio album released by singer-songwriter Diane Birch. The lead single is "All the Love You Got".[7] Birch's singing and composition evokes sounds of Stevie Nicks and Fleetwood Mac.[8][6] Birch's father died of cancer earlier in 2013, and she wrote the album to make sense of her past. Birch stated "Going through losing somebody was a very spiritually transformative experience to me, so some of the songs [I had initially planned for Speak a Little Louder] didn't feel relevant. Hanging on to that facet of rebellion in my past became irrelevant."[9]

Birch wrote or co-wrote all the tracks on the album. The primary musicians on the album consists of Diane Birch on vocals, piano, keyboard, and tambourine (plus organ, Rhodes, keg, and drums), Nick Movshon on bass, and Homer Steinweiss on drum and guitar (plus bass).[10] Other musicians to support the album are guitarists Mike Barron, Bing Ji Ling, Thomas Brenneck, James Farkas, Luke O'Malley, Mark Williams, and Tomek Miernowski, Jean-Philip Grobler on guitar and synth, Eg White on guitar and keyboard, bass players Angelo Morris and John Taylor, and Ahmir "?uestlove" Thompson on drums. Matt "Aqualung" Hales performs all instruments on "UNKFD" and mostly all instruments on bonus song "Hold on a Little Longer".

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Writer(s) Producer Length
1. "Speak a Little Louder" Diane Birch, Homer Steinweiss   3:46
2. "Lighthouse" Birch, Steinweiss   3:55
3. "All the Love You Got" Birch, Eg White White, Steve Greenberg, Ahmir "?uestlove" Thompson 3:52
4. "Tell Me Tomorrow" Birch, Steinweiss   3:43
5. "Superstars" Birch   4:51
6. "Pretty in Pain" Birch, Betty Wright   3:44
7. "Love and War" Birch, Cathy Dennis, Jimmy Harry   3:58
8. "Frozen Over" Birch Steve Greenberg, Sheldon Steiger 3:11
9. "Diamonds in the Dust" Birch, Barrett Yeretsian   4:35
10. "UNFKD" Birch, Matt "Aqualung" Hales Matt Hales 4:12
11. "It Plays On" Birch Diane Birch 5:45
Total length: 45:32
Deluxe Edition bonus tracks
No. Title Writer(s) Producer Length
12. "Walk the Rainbow to the End" Birch Diane Birch 4:16
13. "Adelaide" Birch, Steinweiss Homer Steinweiss 4:07
14. "Staring at You" Birch, Steinweiss Homer Steinweiss 5:23
15. "Hold on a Little Longer" Birch Matt Hales 4:03
16. "Truer than Blue" Birch, Steinweiss Homer Steinweiss 4:00
Total length: 1:07:22


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