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The Speakeasy Logo

Speakeasy Mag is Ohio University's student-produced Web magazine. It is created for the student, by the student, focusing on campus culture and the Athens, Ohio social scene.

Speakeasy is a student-run, alternative online magazine at Ohio University in Athens, Ohio. The magazine was founded in 2005 when a group of students realized that a new media outlet was needed on campus for students interested in New Media. In May 2009 the magazine updated its site's appearance to appeal more to its audience. Another update occurred in 2012, including a new URL. Staff members include students from the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism, Scripps College of Communication, and other majors at OU.

Mission Statement: Speakeasy is a frequently updated Web magazine (Webzine) by and for the Ohio University student. The staff strives to chronicle the Athens social scene by focusing on campus culture at OU: what happened, what’s happening and what’s going to happen. With smart, citizen journalism techniques, Speakeasy offers a fresh, alternative look at “news” that matters to the college student. "We don’t just report - we get into the heart of the matter by making sure our number one priority is heard: the OU student voice," the Web site states. Speakeasy staff believe the news isn’t a monologue: It’s a dialogue to be shared.

Professional Aims:

   * To increase understanding of the Internet as a platform for journalism
   * To invite members from all majors and backgrounds to contribute
   * To promote core journalistic values such as integrity and timeliness
   * To serve as an outlet for professional experience and technical training       
     in online media

Target Audience: Speakeasy targets Ohio University students, ages 17-23, who are culturally connected broadband users. The OU student is busy, always on the go and perpetually online through Instant Messengers and e-mail. They are concerned about the latest academic changes; the social scene; Athens music, arts, food, entertainment and beyond; and new products and shopping prospects to make their lives easier. Above all, they are not afraid to speak their minds.

Inside the Mag[edit]

Columns: Bloggers on Speakeasy are students who are fierce about their opinions and have a lot to say. They independently claim a space on the Speakeasy Web site to bring a totally biased take on the world. Be it sports, life in the dorms, music or cool gadgets, Speakeasy bloggers speak their minds openly.

News and Culture: "News with a twist" for students who want to see what's going on at OU on and off the greens. Campus Life covers news in Features, Sports&Intramurals, Bobcats Abroad, Speak Out, and UWIRE.

Entertainment: OU students' daily culture fix. This section contains features and reviews of movies, T.V., games, music, and books.

Sports: Ohio University sports are the main focus, but other schools' and professional teams are included as well.


Editorial Staff (Fall 2014):

  • Editor-in-chief: Isaac Noland
  • Managing editors: Katie Hendershot
  • PR Director: Megan Eagle
  • Copy Chief: Cortni Dietz
  • Entertainment editor: Maura McNamee
  • Assistant Entertainment editor: Taijuan Moorman
  • News and Culture editor: Cassie Fait
  • Assistant News and Culture editor: Sammi Nelson
  • Columns Editor: Danny Susco
  • Sports editor: Bez Saciri
  • Photo editor: Evan Chwalek
  • Assistant Photo editor: Lauren Prescott


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