Speaker of the House of Commons of Northern Ireland

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The Speaker of the Northern Ireland House of Commons was the presiding officer of the lower house of Parliament in Northern Ireland from 1921 to 1972.

The Speaker had an official residence, Stormont House. All the Speakers were members of the Ulster Unionist Party on their election.

There was initially one Deputy Speaker, also invariably an Ulster Unionist, who was also the Chairman of Ways and Means. In 1958 a second Deputy Speaker was appointed, and given the title Deputy Chairman of Ways and Means. From 1963 onwards, this post was often given to members of the Nationalist Party or Northern Ireland Labour Party.


Name Entered office Left office Party
1. Sir Hugh O'Neill, Bt 1921 1929 Ulster Unionist Party
2. Sir Henry Mulholland, Bt 1929 1945 Ulster Unionist Party
3. Sir Norman Stronge, Bt 1945 1956 Ulster Unionist Party
4. W. F. McCoy 1956 1956 Ulster Unionist Party
3. Sir Norman Stronge, Bt 1956 1969 Ulster Unionist Party
5. Ivan Neill 1969 1972 Ulster Unionist Party

Chairman of Ways and Means and Deputy Speaker[edit]

Chairman of Ways and Means and Deputy Speaker Deputy Chairman of Ways and Means and Deputy Speaker
Name Party Name Party
Thomas Moles 1921-1937 Ulster Unionist Party Office not yet created
John Clarke Davison 1937
Sir Robert Lynn 1937-1945
Howard Stevenson 1945
Thomas Bailie 1945-1948
R. N. Wilson 1948-1950
Samuel Hall-Thompson 1950-1953
Terence O'Neill 1953-1955
Thomas Lyons 1955-1969
Joseph Morgan 1958-1962 Ulster Unionist Party
Brian McConnell 1962-1953
Billy Boyd 1963-1965 Northern Ireland Labour Party
James O'Reilly1966 Nationalist Party
Paddy Gormley 1966-1967
James O'Reilly 1967-1969
Walter Scott 1969-1972 Vivian Simpson 1969-1972 Northern Ireland Labour Party