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The Speaker of the Saeima (Latvian: Saeimas priekšsēdētājs, literally: Chairperson of the Saeima) is the speaker of the Parliament of Latvia, the Saeima. [1][2]

In the case when President of Latvia is not in the country or unable to perform their duties, the Speaker acts interim President.

The Chairman of the Saeima must be elected at the first meeting of the current convocation of the Saeima.

Speakers of the Saeima (1922-1934)[edit]

Name Period Party
Frīdrihs Vesmanis November 7, 1922-March 17, 1925 Latvian Social Democratic Workers' Party
Pauls Kalniņš March 20, 1925-May 15, 1934 Latvian Social Democratic Workers' Party

Chairman of the Supreme Council (1990-1993)[edit]

Name Period Party
Anatolijs Gorbunovs May 3, 1990-July 6, 1993 Communist Party of Latvia (to 1991)

Speakers of the Saeima (after 1993)[edit]

Name Period Party
Anatolijs Gorbunovs July 6, 1993-November 7, 1995 Latvian Way
Ilga Kreituse November 7, 1995-September 26, 1996 Democratic Party "Saimnieks"
Alfrēds Čepānis September 26, 1996-November 3, 1998 Democratic Party "Saimnieks"
Jānis Straume November 3, 1998-November 5, 2002 For Fatherland and Freedom/LNNK
Ingrīda Ūdre November 5, 2002-November 7, 2006 Union of Greens and Farmers (Latvian Farmers' Union)
Indulis Emsis November 7, 2006-September 24, 2007 Union of Greens and Farmers (Latvian Green Party)
Gundars Daudze September 24, 2007-November 2, 2010 Union of Greens and Farmers (Latvijai un Ventspilij)
Solvita Āboltiņa November 2, 2010-November 4, 2014 Unity (New Era Party)
Ināra Mūrniece November 4, 2014-Incumbent National Alliance (All for Latvia!For Fatherland and Freedom/LNNK)


Ināra Mūrniece Solvita Āboltiņa Gundars Daudze Indulis Emsis Ingrīda Ūdre Jānis Straume Alfrēds Čepānis Ilga Kreituse Anatolijs Gorbunovs Kārlis Ulmanis Pauls Kalniņš Frīdrihs Vesmanis

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