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List of speakers of the Vermont House of Representatives

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The speaker of the Vermont House of Representatives is the speaker or presiding officer of the Vermont House of Representatives, the lower house of the Vermont Legislature.

The speaker presides over sessions of the Houses, recognizes members so that they may speak, and ensures compliance with House rules for parliamentary procedure. The speaker also assigns members to the standing committees of the House and assigns committee chairpersons. The speaker is second (behind the lieutenant governor) in the line of succession to the office of Governor of Vermont.[1][2][3]

Vermont was admitted to the Union in 1791 as the fourteenth state, but its House of Representatives dates from 1778, when the Vermont Republic was created.

Vermont had a unicameral legislature until 1836, when the Governor's Council was abolished and the Vermont Senate was created.

The speaker of the Vermont House of Representatives earned $10,080 starting in 2005. Beginning in 2007, this amount receives an annual cost of living increase. [4]

Speaker Term Party
Joseph Bowker 1778
Nathan Clark 1778
Thomas Chandler Jr. 1778–1780
Samuel Robinson 1780
Thomas Porter 1780–1782
Increase Moseley 1782–1783
Isaac Tichenor 1783–1784 Federalist
Nathaniel Niles 1784–1785 Democratic-Republican
Stephen R. Bradley 1785–1786 Democratic-Republican
John Strong 1786 Democratic-Republican
Gideon Olin 1786–1793 Democratic-Republican
Daniel Buck 1793–1795 Federalist
Lewis R. Morris 1795–1797 Federalist
Abel Spencer 1797–1798 Federalist
Daniel Farrand 1798–1799 Federalist
Amos Marsh 1799–1802 Federalist
Abel Spencer 1802–1803 Federalist
Theophilus Harrington 1803–1804 Democratic-Republican
Aaron Leland 1804–1808 Democratic-Republican
Dudley Chase 1808–1813 Democratic-Republican
Daniel Chipman 1813–1815 Federalist
William A. Griswold 1815–1818 Democratic-Republican
Richard Skinner 1818–1819 Democratic-Republican
William A. Griswold 1819–1820 Democratic-Republican
D. Azro A. Buck 1820–1822 Adams-Clay Republican
George E. Wales 1822–1824 Adams-Clay Republican
Isaac Fletcher 1824 Democratic-Republican
D. Azro A. Buck 1825–1826 Adams-Clay Republican
Robert B. Bates 1826–1829 Democratic-Republican
D. Azro A. Buck 1829–1830 Adams-Clay Republican
Robert B. Bates 1830–1831 Democratic-Republican
John Smith 1831–1834 Democratic-Republican
Ebenezer N. Briggs 1834–1836 Whig
Carlos Coolidge 1836–1837 Whig
Solomon Foot 1837–1839 Whig
Carlos Coolidge 1839–1842 Whig
Andrew Tracy 1842–1845 Whig
Ebenezer N. Briggs 1845–1847 Whig
Solomon Foot 1847–1848 Whig
William C. Kittredge 1848–1850 Whig
Thomas E. Powers 1850–1853 Whig
Horatio Needham 1853–1854 Free Soil Democratic
George W. Grandey 1854–1857 Republican
George F. Edmunds 1857–1860 Republican
Augustus P. Hunton 1860–1862 Republican
J. Gregory Smith 1862–1863 Republican
Abraham B. Gardner 1863–1865 Republican
John W. Stewart 1865–1868 Republican
George W. Grandey 1868–1870 Republican
Charles Herbert Joyce 1870–1872 Republican
Franklin Fairbanks 1872–1874 Republican
Horace Henry Powers 1874 Republican
Josiah Grout 1874–1876 Republican
John W. Stewart 1876–1878 Republican
James Loren Martin 1878–1884 Republican
James K. Batchelder 1884–1886 Republican
Josiah Grout 1886–1890 Republican
Henry R. Start 1890 Republican
Hosea A. Mann Jr. 1890–1892 Republican
William Wallace Stickney 1892–1896 Republican
William A. Lord 1896–1898 Republican
Kittredge Haskins 1898–1900 Republican
Fletcher Dutton Proctor 1900–1902 Republican
John H. Merrifield 1902–1906 Republican
Thomas Charles Cheney 1906–1910 Republican
Frank E. Howe 1910–1912 Republican
Charles Albert Plumley 1912–1915 Republican
John E. Weeks 1915–1917 Republican
Stanley C. Wilson 1917 Republican
Charles S. Dana 1917–1921 Republican
Franklin S. Billings 1921–1923 Republican
Orlando L. Martin 1923–1925 Republican
Roswell M. Austin 1925–1927 Republican
Loren R. Pierce 1927–1929 Republican
Benjamin Williams 1929–1931 Republican
Edward H. Deavitt 1931–1933 Republican
George David Aiken 1933–1935 Republican
Ernest E. Moore 1935–1937 Republican
Mortimer R. Proctor 1937–1939 Republican
Oscar L. Shepard 1939–1941 Republican
Lee Earl Emerson 1941–1943 Republican
Asa S. Bloomer 1943–1945 Republican
Joseph H. Denny 1945–1947 Republican
Winston L. Prouty 1947–1949 Republican
J. Harold Stacey 1949–1951 Republican
Wallace M. Fay 1951–1953 Republican
Consuelo N. Bailey 1953–1955 Republican
John E. Hancock 1955–1957 Republican
Charles H. Brown 1957–1959 Republican
F. Ray Keyser Jr. 1959–1961 Republican
Leroy Lawrence 1961–1963 Republican
Franklin S. Billings Jr. 1963–1965 Republican
Richard Walker Mallary 1965–1969 Republican
John S. Burgess 1969–1971 Republican
Walter L. Kennedy 1971–1975 Republican
Timothy J. O'Connor Jr. 1975–1981 Democratic
Stephan A. Morse 1981–1985 Republican
Ralph G. Wright 1985–1995 Democratic
Michael J. Obuchowski 1995–2001 Democratic
Walter E. Freed 2001–2005 Republican
Gaye Randolph Symington 2005–2009 Democratic
Shapleigh "Shap" Smith Jr. 2009–2017 Democratic
Mitzi Johnson 2017–2021 Democratic
Jill Krowinski 2021- Democratic


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