Speaking of the Devil

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This article is about the film. For the idiom, see Speak of the devil.
Speaking of the Devil
Directed by Enzo Barboni
Starring Bud Spencer
Carol Alt
Thierry Lhermitte
Music by Giancarlo Bigazzi
Cinematography Alfio Contini
Edited by Eugenio Alabiso
Release date
Country Italy

Speaking of the Devil (Italian: Un piede in paradiso, also known as Standing In Paradise) is a 1991 Italian comedy film directed by Enzo Barboni. It is the last collaboration between Barboni and Bud Spencer. The role of Victor was originally intended to be played by Terence Hill, but Hill had to refuse as still being engaged on the set of the Lucky Luke TV series.[1] The film was filmed in Florida.[2]



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