Speaking with the Angel

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Speaking with the Angel
Paperback edition cover
Editor Nick Hornby
Author Various
Cover artist Archie Ferguson
Country United Kingdom
Language English
Genre Anthology
Publisher Penguin Books
Publication date
Media type Print
Pages 233 pp
ISBN 978-0-1402-9678-5
OCLC 883583277

Speaking with the Angel is a collection of short stories edited by Nick Hornby. It was initially published by Penguin Books in 2000, with a paperback edition published by Riverhead Books in 2001. Featuring stories from twelve established writers, the book acted as a fundraising effort for TreeHouse, a charity school for severely autistic children in London where Hornby's son was a student.[1][2]


“Introduction” by Nick Hornby
  1. “PMQ” by Robert Harris
  2. “The Wonder Spot” by Melissa Bank
  3. “Last Requests” by Giles Smith
  4. “Peter Shelley” by Patrick Marber
  5. “The Department of Nothing” by Colin Firth
  6. “I'm the Only One” by Zadie Smith
  7. “NippleJesus” by Nick Hornby
  8. “After I Was Thrown in the River and Before I Drowned” by Dave Eggers
  9. “LuckyBitch” by Helen Fielding
  10. “The Slave” by Roddy Doyle
  11. “Catholic Guilt” by Irvine Welsh
  12. “Walking into the Wind” by John O'Farrell


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