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Spear & Jackson
Industry Tool manufacturers
Founded 1830
Founder John Spear and Sam Jackson
Headquarters Atlas Way, Atlas North, Ellesmere, Sheffield, S4 7QQ
Area served
Products Gardening and Hand Tools
Parent SNH Global
Website http://www.spear-and-jackson.com

Spear & Jackson are a gardening and hand tool supplier headquartered in Sheffield, South Yorkshire.



In 1760, Alexander Spear and John Love formed a company in Sheffield called Spear & Love. In 1814, John Spear, the nephew of Alexander, took on an apprentice called Sam Jackson. In 1830, the partnership Spear & Jackson was formed.


In 1889, James Neill patented composite steel - steel-backed iron. He registered his composite steel products under the Eclipse trademark in 1909. The name was taken from the famous racehorse Eclipse, who even though he had died over a hundred years earlier was still famous for his dominating success. The phrase "Eclipse first and the rest nowhere" was still in such common use that Neill adopted it as a marketing slogan for his products.

Eclipse made the world's first composite steel hacksaw blade in 1911. The company began manufacturing hacksaws in 1924. All hacksaws are now built according to their design.


The Spear & Jackson brand is owned by SNH Global, purchased from Hong Kong-based United Pacific Industries Limited in 2014. Initially bought by Neill Tools in 1985, when known as Spear & Jackson International plc. James Neill Tools, previously a family-owned business, initially made a public issue of shares in 1970. In 1989, the business' centenary year, Neill Tools was acquired by the MMG Patricof Group, which said it wanted to expand the business and refloat in c.5 years. In 1995, Neill Tools renamed itself Spear & Jackson plc. Its headquarters have always been in Sheffield.


The company made handsaws from the beginning (1760); in 1833 Henry Disston, a toolmaker, emigrated to the United States and in 1840 started manufacturing saws. The Disston "skew-back" saw was introduced in 1874 and Spear and Jackson also introduced a skew-back design in the late 19th century, with one example being their 1887 Jubilee Saw.


The company is the trading name of Neill Tools Ltd, and is owned by SNH Global.


It has activities in 115 countries.


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