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 Athikhun.suw (talk | contribs)My name is Athikhun Suwannakhan. I'm a PhD student in anatomy. My academic interest and research involve clinical anatomy. I look forward to getting more people involved in the Wikipedia community both online and offline. Feel free to contact me by leaving me a message on my talk page or via email. ICCH224
Msitar (talk | contribs)My name is Meghan Sitar and I'm Director of Research and Learning Services at Olin and Uris Libraries at Cornell University and liaison librarian to the Economics department in the College of Arts and Sciences. As a librarian, I work with faculty and graduate student instructors to integrate information literacy assignments into courses and I've collaborated on the development of Wikipedia-based writing assignments designed to develop critical thinking and research skills while also supporting those assignments through classroom instruction. I teach a drop-in workshop for the entire campus community once a semester designed to provide an introduction to contributing to Wikipedia (Future workshop offerings can be found here). Cornell faculty, staff, and students should feel free to get in touch with me through my Talk page or at with ideas for collaboration or any questions about Wikipedia. 
 SuperHamster (talk | contribs)Hey there! I'm Kevin, a current undergraduate student at the Ohio State University. I'm studying to major in computer science and engineering. I've edited Wikipedia for a few years now, and frequently assist other editors at the Teahouse and help desk. I'm here to provide support to any instructors and fellow students who need it, and can always be reached through either my talk page or email. As I am located on the Ohio State campus in Columbus, I am available for personal meetups with fellow Ohio Staters, whether it be meeting up with instructors or joining the classroom to directly assist students. 
 Tburress (talk | contribs)Hello, my name is Theresa and I am an Instruction and Outreach Librarian for New College of Florida. My background is in English Literature, and I've also worked in law, business, and most recently the natural sciences. I look forward to collaborating with professors and students who are contributing to Wikipedia, and am interested in how Wikipedia can be used to improve information literacy. 
 Comtebenoit (talk | contribs)I am an archaeologist at the University of Washington. I use Wikipedia in my teaching to equip students with skills in writing in public and in engaging with diverse communities. I'm happy to help others do the same. 
 Twoods158 (talk | contribs)My name is Tyler and I am a junior at Rice University studying Sociology and Poverty, Justice, and Human Capabilities. I first began editing Wikipedia in a course for the PJHC Program, and for the past two semesters I have been a Teaching Assistant for the course and a Wikipedia campus ambassador. I believe Wikipedia is an invaluable tool to share knowledge, and I greatly enjoy assisting in the implementation of Wikipedia assignments in the classroom. My areas of interest are globalization, development, migration, HIV/AIDS, and gender and sexuality, specifically in the context of Latin America and the Caribbean.  
 Cmcunningham (talk | contribs)My name is Courtney Cunningham and I am the Reference and Emerging Technologies Librarian at Franklin & Marshall College. I became a Wikipedia campus volunteer so that I can help professors design and manage Wikipedia (or digital storytelling) assignments with the support of the Wikipedia Education Program. 
 Aashaa (talk | contribs)The nickname of mine is Aashaa, in Sanskrit which mean Hope! I'm now involved at the study of University of Dhaka, Bangladesh.  
GTWillie (talk | contribs)GTWillie, also known as Willie Baer, is one of the engineering librarians at the Georgia Institute of Technology. 
 Jmajeremy (talk | contribs)My name is Jeremy Andrews (Jmajeremy) and I have been working on various different aspects of Wikipedia and other Wikimedia projects since 2006 (although my involvement has been much greater since 2011). I am currently working on a degree in International Studies (with minors in German and Computer Science) at Bishop's University in Lennoxville, Quebec, Canada. I am available to help anyone in the Bishop's community interested in using Wikipedia. 
 Prakash Neupane (talk | contribs)Nepali Wikimedian and Open Knowledge Evangelist, Working as a team member of Wikimedia Education Program for Nepal. Completed first WEP in Islington College, Kathmandu Nepal. 
 Frankcjones (talk | contribs)Hi, my name is Frank. I've been using Wikipedia and following the Wikimedia project for several years. Recently, I completed my MA at UNC. I'm located in Raleigh and ready to help schools throughout the Research Triangle. Feel free to write on [[|my talk page]] and I'll try to respond promptly. 
 Rulew (talk | contribs)I am an academic librarian who has worked for decades with students in biology, mathematics, history of science, etc. I'm trying to learn how to edit in Wikipedia so I can help students when their instructors give them assignments to improve content in specific subject areas. In Fall 2012, I have begun to serve as a campus ambassador for Washington University in St. Louis where I work. I didn't help much but I'm very proud of the Wikipedia work which students in classes here at my university have done: A WUSTL undergraduate may have written that Wikipedia article you’re reading and Learning chronobiology by improving wikipedia 
 Oline73 (talk | contribs)I am a former K-8 technology teacher and current Instructional Designer at Hofstra University. 
 BCarmichael (talk | contribs)I am the Science Coordinator with Communication Across the Curriculum at Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge and assist in improving science-specific communication skills of undergraduates. I completed my doctoral degree in biological sciences with an emphasis in disturbance and invasion ecology. My current interests are in improving methods of disseminating scientific research to diverse audiences and developing pedagogical methods to improve how science is communicated. 
 S.mereu (talk | contribs)My specialization is in cognitive and experimental psychology. I'm an occasional Wikipedia contributor. As an instructor, I've successfully used Wikipedia in my class, so I'd like to share what I've learned. I'm available to serve campuses in the Greater Philadelphia Area. 
 Charbooth (talk | contribs)My name is Char Booth, and I'm the Instruction Services Manager & E-Learning Librarian at the Claremont Colleges Library, as well as a faculty member in the ACRL Information Literacy Immersion Institute. I have a background in information science and instructional technology, and in my work I explore the integration of pedagogy, technology, and design in libraries (otherwise, I'm usually surfing).  
 NativeForeigner (talk | contribs)I am Brian, a student at the University of California San Diego. I am studying computer science although I do have substantive interests elsewhere. I am an administrator here on Wikipedia. I am more than willing to answer any queries regarding the usage of Wikipedia (in the classroom, or otherwise). 
 Dakrahmer (talk | contribs)My name is Debbie Krahmer, and I'm an Assistant Professor and Learning Commons Librarian at Colgate University. I work closely with faculty and IT staff to incorporate technology, media literacy and information literacy into classroom assignments and research. In addition to Wikipedia, I also work on projects involving video, large format posters, and podcasting. 
 Gregatmu (talk | contribs)Hi, my name is Greg and I am a Librarian at Millersville University of Pennsylvania. I enjoy collaborating with colleagues and students to encourage the growth of or many communities of practice on campus and beyond. I actively participate and support professional development for innovative teaching and learning. I'm just getting started as a Wikipedia Ambassador. I have an BA in History from Millersville, a Masters of Science in Library and Information Science from Drexel University, and a Masters of Distance Education from University of Maryland University College. 
 GabrielF (talk | contribs)Hi, I'm Gabe, I'm a student in the Boston area studying Computer Science. I'll be graduating this May (2013) and moving to Seattle to work for a giant tech company. I've been editing Wikipedia on and off for about 7 years. Although my academic interest is primarily in computer science, I edit a wide range of articles, often related to the Middle East and US foreign policy. I also help with the Resource Exchange, where I provide academic articles and other sources to editors. ~~~~ 
 Michaelh.dick (talk | contribs)I'm a Doctoral Student at the University of Toronto's Faculty of Information. My academic background is in Communication Theory, Cultural Studies, and Media Studies. Although relatively new to Wikipedia, I've been interested in it for some time (both as an object of research and as an innovative teaching tool). 
 Orangemike (talk | contribs)

I've been active in Wikipedia for years (mostly in English; a bit in Esperanto), and an admin for some time now. I'm eager to help people use this project to share some of the wealth of human knowledge with others. I'm patient, and eager to help. I've had some training as an Ambassador, and have helped out at Alverno in the past. I have a day job, but with a bit of notice can occasionally get away; and I am delighted to make myself available online, by phone, or nights and weekends (again with a bit of notice).

I've got an honors degree in History (UWM, '04); I've worked as a freelance writer-editor for almost three decades (but my day job is in civil service). I'm a union activist, and a hard-core science fiction fan.

Antony-22 (talk | contribs)Hi! I'm a graduate student in chemistry at Harvard with a research interest in DNA nanotechnology. I've been editing Wikipedia since fall 2006, and I've been a Campus Ambassador since spring 2011. Most of my work on Wikipedia is related to articles on nanotechnology, biomolecular structure, and related science topics, as well as science policy and budgetary policy, and additionally a handful of topics of local interest. 
Sadads (talk | contribs)I am a long time editor who has been participating with the Ambassador program for several years. I am currently a graduate student at Kansas State University, and am involved in developing and supporting Wikipedia assignments. I have helped support previous courses that used Wikipedia at James Madison University 
Koavf (talk | contribs)I'm a Campus Ambassador for IUPUI with two semesters of helping students in the classroom and over eight years' experience editing Wikipedia. In addition, I'm an alumnus of Indiana University twice over with degrees in philosophy and political science. 
Protonk (talk | contribs)I'm a software developer in Boston and graduate of UW-Milwaukee. I've supported 3 courses at Alverno College as a Campus Ambassador and several courses at schools ranging from Georgetown to University of Washington as an Online Ambassador. My background is in economics but I love articles on any subject. 
 JoyceChou (talk | contribs)I'm an undergraduate student at Rice University studying sociology and poverty, justice, and human capabilities. 
 Skunze (talk | contribs)As an Senior Instructional Technologist at Colgate University, I support faculty and students doing curricular digital projects. I focus mainly on video narratives, podcasts and Wikipedia projects. Two of these projects were in Wikipedia, both with the same Religion professor. She found it so successful that she is doing a similar project in another one of her classes this spring. 
Bluerasberry (talk | contribs)My name is Lane Rasberry. I support classes which develop health content. If you with a medical school, public or global health program, or otherwise with a class focused on health or biomedical research, then please post at WP:WikiProject Medicine to get the support of the community of Wikipedians who support editors in health articles. Feel free also to contact me for assistance and I would talk to you by phone or Skype. 
Kithira (talk | contribs)I'm an undergraduate at Williams College in Western Massachusetts, majoring in history. I've edited since 2008 and became a campus ambassador in 2012, as I think Wikipedia has the potential to be a great learning tool at a liberal arts college. I'm available to help any students or professors looking to incorporate Wikipedia into the classroom. I'm a fan of him, him, that, and definitely those. 
Biosthmors (talk | contribs)I'm an editor active with content covered by WikiProject Medicine. I began as campus ambassador to Georgia Tech in the Fall of 2012, when I assisted Professor Steve Potter's Introductory Neuroscience class. I am interested in getting academia more involved with Wikipedia, and I started the page WP:Student assignments. Please feel free to contact me by leaving me a new message at my talk page by clicking here. 
Nikkimaria (talk | contribs)Bonjour! I'm Nikkimaria, a Canadian university student and Wikipedia administrator. I've been active on-wiki for 7 years, mostly as a content contributor and reviewer. I'm mostly interested in arts, humanities and classical music topics, but can help out with anything not involving upper-level sciences. Let me know if I can help! Cheers!