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This special page shows all uploaded files of the English Wikipedia (See also the list for Wikimedia Commons). By default the last uploaded files are shown at top of the list. A click on a column header changes the sorting. Deleted files are not shown here but are included in the upload log.

File list
Date Name Thumbnail Size Description
21:19, 6 May 2010 Publix GreenWise Market (Tampa, FL) Interior.JPG (file) 3.08 MB In Adobe Photoshop CS 3: Levels (manual); Auto Color; Photo Filter (Warming 85, 20%); Rotate; Crop; saved as quality-12 optimized JPEG.
21:50, 30 September 2009 Jamaican Defence Force & Bermuda Regiment soldiers.png (file) 513 KB Auto Levels and touching up, in Adobe Photoshop CS 3.
21:47, 30 September 2009 Bermuda Regiment Corporal's Mess 1992.png (file) 693 KB Color changes and touching up, in Adobe Photoshop CS 3.
21:00, 30 September 2009 Bermuda Regiment Command Centre.png (file) 297 KB Auto Color in Adobe Photoshop CS 3, based on original version.
21:02, 14 April 2009 D'Eon de Beaumont altered 1.png (file) 337 KB {{Information |Description = '''English:''' Engraving by J.B. Bradel CHARLOTTE—GENEVIEVE—LOUISE—AUGUSTE—ANDRÉE—TIMOTHÉE D'EON DE BEAUMONT, Knight of the Royal and Military Order of Saint Louis, Captaine of Dragoons and of Volunteers of th
20:31, 18 September 2007 Puzzle jug altered 2.png (file) 1.16 MB This is my alteration of In Adobe Photoshop, I rotated and cropped the image.
18:39, 14 May 2007 Matching Shakespeare and Elizabeth I PsCSJPG8.jpg (file) 274 KB Matching Shakespeare's features to Elizabeth's face, starting with the images provided at Most layers simply were shifted down, left, up, and/or right; some were rotated slightly; some had their horizontal d
17:27, 26 July 2006 Anton Rubinstein bust altered 2006-07-26 1221CDT PsCSJPG.jpg (file) 175 KB Based on Image:Anton Rubinstein bust.jpg. In Adobe ''Photoshop CS'', these changes: Rotate, Crop, Sharpen, Auto Levels, increase Saturation, change Levels.
19:09, 21 May 2006 Jumper altered PsCSJPG10.jpg (file) 127 KB An alteration of Image:Jumper.jpg, showing a sweater/jumper from Marks & Spencer.
03:11, 16 May 2006 Wikipedia - United States - Largest cities - 2006-05-15 2208CDT PsCSJPG4.jpg (file) 74 KB Used to illustrate a point at the Talk page for the "United States" article, Monday 15 May 2006.
21:02, 30 March 2006 Pizzapizza altered 1 PsCSJPG12.jpg (file) 1,009 KB Pizza Pizza thick crust pizza with chicken, pepperoni, and italiano blend. Also a box of chicken tenders, a bag of two-bite brownies, and another pizza box. Taken by User:CryptoDerk on January 20, 2005. Source is