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ISO 3166-2:BA
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ISO 3166-2:BHISO 3166-2:BIISO 3166-2:BJ
ISO 3166-2:BLISO 3166-2:BMISO 3166-2:BN
ISO 3166-2:BOISO 3166-2:BQISO 3166-2:BR
ISO 3166-2:BS
ISO 3166-2:BTISO 3166-2:BVISO 3166-2:BW
ISO 3166-2:BYISO 3166-2:BZISO 3166-2:CA
ISO 3166-2:CCISO 3166-2:CD
ISO 3166-2:CFISO 3166-2:CG
ISO 3166-2:CH
ISO 3166-2:CIISO 3166-2:CK
ISO 3166-2:CLISO 3166-2:CM
ISO 3166-2:CN
ISO 3166-2:CO
ISO 3166-2:CR
ISO 3166-2:CS
ISO 3166-2:CUISO 3166-2:CV
ISO 3166-2:CWISO 3166-2:CXISO 3166-2:CY
ISO 3166-2:CZISO 3166-2:DE
ISO 3166-2:DJISO 3166-2:DK
ISO 3166-2:DM
ISO 3166-2:DOISO 3166-2:DZISO 3166-2:EC
ISO 3166-2:EE
ISO 3166-2:EG
ISO 3166-2:EHISO 3166-2:ER
ISO 3166-2:ES
ISO 3166-2:ET
ISO 3166-2:FI
ISO 3166-2:FJISO 3166-2:FK
ISO 3166-2:FMISO 3166-2:FOISO 3166-2:FR
ISO 3166-2:GA
ISO 3166-2:GB
ISO 3166-2:GDISO 3166-2:GE
ISO 3166-2:GFISO 3166-2:GG
ISO 3166-2:GHISO 3166-2:GIISO 3166-2:GL
ISO 3166-2:GMISO 3166-2:GN
ISO 3166-2:GPISO 3166-2:GQISO 3166-2:GR
ISO 3166-2:GS