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22 June 2017

  • (diff | hist) . . Project MKUltra‎; 11:58 . . (-703). .GB fan (talk | contribs)(Reverted 2 edits by 2600:1010:B15C:8443:0:1C:A306:7601: Two unrealiable sources, one is a website selling a book, one is based on this article, the third source may be reliable but it is talking about a Project Monarch and says that may not have existe...)
  • (diff | hist) . . Project MKUltra‎; 10:58 . . (-11). .2600:1010:b15c:8443:0:1c:a306:7601 (talk)(Deleted duplicate "as well as") (Tags: Mobile edit, Mobile web edit)
  • (diff | hist) . . Project MKUltra‎; 10:57 . . (+714). .2600:1010:b15c:8443:0:1c:a306:7601 (talk)(Re-added direct CIA foia documents describing sexual assault under MK Ultra in the form of using hypnosis to persuade women to have sex with government agents. This is not in question.) (Tags: Mobile edit, Mobile web edit)

19 June 2017