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27 July 2017

26 July 2017

25 July 2017

  • (diff | hist) . . m Maine penny‎; 21:25 . . (+21). .Pariah24 (talk | contribs)(Disambiguating links to Burin (link changed to Burin (lithic flake)) using DisamAssist.)
  • (diff | hist) . . New Brunswick‎; 18:42 . . (+41). .Placeographer77 (talk | contribs)(History: New Brunswick has not been a thing for time immemorial like the Algonquian lineage groups which preceeded modern European colonisation efforts and therefore it is rather unencyclopedic to begin the entry of the provincial history at the poin)
  • (diff | hist) . . Monarchy of Denmark‎; 18:09 . . (-300). . (talk)(removed reference to scotland. that the scottish monarchy was founded earlier is not important (so was the french and many other royal houses in europe) as it is no longer in existence today.) (Tag: references removed)
  • (diff | hist) . . Monarchy of Denmark‎; 18:06 . . (-117). . (talk)(Early kingdom: Reference to scotland is a reference to the danish royal house not containing a mentioning of the scottish royal house. besides, in this context the age of the scottish royal house is irrelevent)