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  • Eightfold Path (Pali: ariyo aṭṭhaṅgiko maggo, Sanskrit: āryāṣṭāṅgamārga) is an early summary of the path of Buddhist practices leading to liberation from samsara
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  • Krishna or Brahman in Indian teachings. Unlike Eastern meditations, most styles of Christian meditations do not rely on the repeated use of mantras, and yet
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  • Unlike eastern meditations, most styles of Christian meditations are intended to stimulate thought and deepen meaning. Christian meditation aims to heighten
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  • nonanalytic meditations, but mostly this tradition uses analytic meditation." Thrangu Rinpoche describes the approach using a guru: "In the Sūtra path one proceeds
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  • Buddhist philosophy and meditation techniques. It is a compilation of twenty-one concise meditations on Lamrim, or the stages of the path to enlightenment,
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  • in Sufism, the mystical path of Islam. The Sufi teacher Ibn Arabi's book Journey to the Lord of Power (Risālat al-Anwār) is a guide to the inner journey
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  • Joseph Goldstein (writer) (category LGBT writers from the United States)
    Insight: A Simple and Direct Guide to Buddhist Meditation (1976) Goldstein, Joseph; Kornfield, Jack. Seeking the heart of wisdom: the path of insight
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  • Bodhisattva (redirect from Bodhisattva path)
    grouped into the next three paths bhūmi 1 the path of insight bhūmis 2-7 the path of meditation bhūmis 8-10 the path of no more learning The chapter of ten grounds
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  • Buddhism (category Articles with unsourced statements from November 2014)
    soul" meditation of Hinduism. For Nirvana, Buddhist texts teach various meditation methodologies, of which rupa-jhana (four meditations in the
    221 KB (25,061 words) - 19:02, 9 February 2018
  • Sri Chinmoy (category EngvarB from September 2013)
    on the theme of inner peace. Chinmoy advocated a spiritual path to God through prayer and meditation. He also advocated athleticism including distance
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  • DovBer, Eight Lights: Eight Meditations for Chanukah, IYYUN, 2010. ISBN 978-0978666378 Roth, Rabbi Jeff, Jewish Meditation Practices for Everyday Life
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  • Kundalini yoga (category Meditation)
    energy from the lower centers to the higher energetic centers. Along with the many kriyas, meditations and practices of Kundalini Yoga, a simple breathing
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  • Zazen (redirect from Zen meditation)
    The hands are folded together into a simple mudra over the belly. In many practices, the practitioner breathes from the hara (the center of gravity in
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  • Yoga of Synthesis (category Wikipedia articles needing rewrite from February 2010)
    as different paths but as methods to be used in concert for the one destination. He even gave a simple formula for application by way of a song. As if
    5 KB (678 words) - 03:52, 17 November 2016
  • published a warning against mixing eastern meditations, such as TM, with Christian prayer, though a 2013 statement suggests that eastern meditations can be
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  • Ken McLeod (category Articles with dead external links from May 2017)
    and a practice path to a set system of meditations.” Practice is individual-centered, not tradition-centered The practitioner doesn’t follow a set system
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  • Tergar Meditation Community is a Buddhist meditation community led by Tibetan meditation master and best-selling author Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche. Tergar
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  • Tea ceremony (category Articles with unsourced statements from November 2015)
    Period (1573–1600) as a setting for the Japanese tea ceremony, or chanoyu. The style of garden takes its name from the roji, or path to the teahouse, which
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  • Theravada (category Articles with dead external links from December 2017)
    undertake the path of studying and preserving the Pali literature of the Theravāda. They may devote little time to the practice of meditation, but may attain
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  • Kundalini (category Articles with weasel words from August 2014)
    of the actual spiritual experience. Self-inquiry meditation is considered a very natural and simple means of reaching this goal.[citation needed] Swami
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