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This page lists the tags that the software may mark an edit or logged action with, and their meaning. See Wikipedia:Tags.
Administrators are able to perform different actions in respect to tags, including deleting some of them, please refer to the section on tag management in the documentation for indications.

Tag nameAppearance on change listsDescriptionSourceActive?Tagged changes
mobile editMobile editFor edits made from a mobile deviceDefined by an extensionYes3,444,518 changes
mobile web editMobile web editEdit made from mobile web siteDefined by an extensionYes2,532,243 changes
HHVMHHVMRevisions made with the HipHop Virtual Machine enabled instead of the Zend PHP interpreter (expected to improve performance, tagged for debugging/analysis)Defined by an extensionNo2,330,952 changes
visualeditorVisual editEdit made using the visual editorDefined by an extensionYes1,572,443 changes
Section blankingsection blankingThis edit blanked an entire section.
Tagged by filter 172 (hist · log)
Defined by an extensionYes622,288 changes
references removedreferences removedThis edit removed an in-line reference tag such as <ref>.
Tagged by filter 61 (hist · log)
No longer in useNo529,701 changes
mobile app editMobile app editEdits made from mobile appsDefined by an extensionYes516,923 changes
possible libel or vandalismpossible BLP issue or vandalismThis edit might not adhere to the biographies of living persons policy.
Tagged by filters 39 (hist · log), 189 (hist · log) and 339 (hist · log)
Defined by an extensionYes476,559 changes
repeating charactersrepeating charactersThis edit contains a highly repetitive character sequence, like "!!!!!!!" or "hahahahahahaha".
Tagged by filter 135 (hist · log)
Defined by an extensionYes389,596 changes
gettingstarted editgettingstarted editFor edits made through Wikipedia:GettingStartedNo longer in useNo237,405 changes
blankingblankingThis edit blanked a substantial part of the article.
Tagged by filter 3 (hist · log)
Defined by an extensionYes190,657 changes
very short new articlevery short new articleTagged by filter 98 (hist · log)Defined by an extensionYes158,455 changes
possible vandalismpossible vandalismThis edit may be vandalism.
Tagged by filters 432 (hist · log), 491 (hist · log) and 633 (hist · log)
Defined by an extensionYes141,318 changes
canned edit summarycanned edit summaryTagged by filter 633 (hist · log)Defined by an extensionYes125,921 changes
removal of speedy deletion templatesspeedy deletion template removedThis edit removed a speedy deletion template.
Tagged by filter 29 (hist · log)
Defined by an extensionYes117,913 changes
large unwikified new articlelarge unwikified new articleTagged by filter 180 (hist · log)Defined by an extensionYes112,681 changes
autobiographypossible autobiography or conflict of interestThe user created an article including his or her username in the title, or vice-versa.
Tagged by filter 148 (hist · log)
Defined by an extensionYes82,371 changes
changing height or weightchanging height and/or weightA new or unregistered user changed the height or weight of the subject of a biography of a living person, which may or may not be sneaky vandalism.
Tagged by filter 391 (hist · log)
Defined by an extensionYes81,469 changes
categories removedcategories removedThis edit removed all direct categories of the article.
Tagged by filter 132 (hist · log)
Defined by an extensionYes76,276 changes
Possible self promotion in userspacePossible self promotion in userspaceUser added typical promotional text to their user or user talk page.
Tagged by filter 354 (hist · log)
Defined by an extensionYes67,395 changes
bad externalIncorrectly formatted external link or imageTagged by filter 220 (hist · log)Defined by an extensionYes56,002 changes
shoutingshoutingTagged by filter 50 (hist · log)Defined by an extensionYes51,912 changes
nowiki addednowiki addedThis edit added a nowiki to an article. Such edits are frequently a sign of corruption caused by the inappropriate use of WP:VisualEditor.
Tagged by filter 550 (hist · log)
Defined by an extensionYes48,883 changes
coi-spampossible conflict of interestThe user added an external link containing their username.
Tagged by filter 149 (hist · log)
Defined by an extensionYes47,749 changes
huggleHuggleEdits made using the Huggle tool.Applied manually by users and botsYes47,494 changes
Nonsense movies?moviesTagged by filter 129 (hist · log)No longer in useNo43,301 changes
WPCleanerWPCleanerEdits made using the WPCleaner tool.Applied manually by users and botsYes38,873 changes
nonsense charactersnonsense charactersTagged by filter 231 (hist · log)Defined by an extensionYes38,762 changes
extraneous markupextraneous markupEdits with extraneous markup added with the Edit toolbar.
Tagged by filter 631 (hist · log)
Defined by an extensionYes36,769 changes
End of page textText added at end of pageText added after categories and interwiki. These edits are frequently reverted.
Tagged by filter 351 (hist · log)
Defined by an extensionYes35,200 changes
Possible vandalismPossible vandalismTagged by filter 279 (hist · log)Defined by an extensionYes34,069 changes
reference list removalreference list removalThis edit removed a references grouping tag.
Tagged by filter 79 (hist · log)
Defined by an extensionYes30,373 changes
adding email addressadding email addressTagged by filter 247 (hist · log)Defined by an extensionYes26,820 changes
possible link spamrepeated addition of external links by non-autoconfirmed userThe user repeatedly and quickly added external links to articles.
Tagged by filter 80 (hist · log)
Defined by an extensionYes24,391 changes
visualeditor-switchedVisual edit: SwitchedUser started to edit using the visual editor, then changed to the wikitext editor.Defined by an extensionYes23,849 changes
Removal of interwiki linkRemoval of interwiki link; Wikidata is live)Tagged by filter 270 (hist · log)Defined by an extensionNo21,875 changes
wikilovewikiloveEdit made using the WikiLove toolDefined by an extensionYes21,003 changes
possible cut and paste movepossible cut and paste move or recreationTagged by filter 164 (hist · log)Defined by an extensionYes20,075 changes
reverting anti-vandal botreverting anti-vandal botIndicates that the edit appears to be an undo of one of the anti-vandalism bots like ClueBot NG.
Tagged by filter 323 (hist · log)
Defined by an extensionYes19,173 changes
test editspossible test editsThis edit introduced typical test edits like File:Example.jpg. Be aware that such additions could be accidental within an otherwise good edit.
Tagged by filter 479 (hist · log)
No longer in useNo17,696 changes
excessive whitespaceexcessive whitespaceThis edit contains excessive amounts of consecutive whitespace — either spaces or newlines.
Tagged by filter 65 (hist · log)
No longer in useNo13,887 changes
image template removalimage template modificationTagged by filter 59 (hist · log)Defined by an extensionYes13,866 changes
OAuth CID: 306dashboard.wikiedu.org [1.2]The Wiki Education Founation dashboard, a tool for Education Program courses. For more details, see https://github.com/WikiEducationFoundation/WikiEduDashboardDefined by an extensionYes13,362 changes
removal of Category:Living Peopleremoval of Category:Living PeopleTagged by filter 117 (hist · log)Defined by an extensionYes11,794 changes
removal of copyvio templatescopyright violation template removedTagged by filter 224 (hist · log)Defined by an extensionYes11,355 changes
Addition of interwiki linkAddition of interwiki linkTagged by filter 532 (hist · log)Defined by an extensionNo10,849 changes
new article with no mention of titlenew article with no mention of title or normal opening sentenceThis new article doesn't mention its title or has no normal opening sentence.
Tagged by filters 96 (hist · log) and 238 (hist · log)
No longer in useNo9,468 changes
talk page blankingtalk page blankingThis edit of an unregistered user blanked (but not redirected) a non-user talk page.
Tagged by filter 33 (hist · log)
Defined by an extensionYes9,170 changes
Rapid revertsNon-autoconfirmed user rapidly reverting editsTagged by filter 249 (hist · log)Defined by an extensionYes8,416 changes
Removal of all interwiki linksRemoval of all interwiki links) (Wikidata is liveTagged by filter 531 (hist · log)Defined by an extensionNo8,237 changes
possibly non-minor editpossibly non-minor editThis edit was marked as minor but may have made non-minor changes. See WP:MINOR for details.
Tagged by filter 368 (hist · log)
No longer in useNo7,878 changes
non-English contentnon-English contentNew page or large addition of which less than 10% is in English.
Tagged by filter 346 (hist · log)
Defined by an extensionYes7,548 changes
OAuth CID: 218dashboard.wikiedu.org [1.0]The Wiki Education Founation dashboard, a tool for Education Program courses. For more details, see https://github.com/WikiEducationFoundation/WikiEduDashboardDefined by an extensionYes7,524 changes
removal of articles for deletion templatearticles for deletion template removedTagged by filter 174 (hist · log)Defined by an extensionYes6,158 changes
New user changing redirect or redirectingNew user changing redirect or redirectingNew user redirected a substantial page or changed an existing redirect.
Tagged by filter 28 (hist · log)
No longer in useNo5,584 changes
Redirect becoming articleRedirect becoming articleUser has converted a redirect into an article.
Tagged by filter 342 (hist · log)
No longer in useNo5,424 changes
unusual redirectunusual redirectTagged by filter 113 (hist · log)Defined by an extensionYes5,194 changes
OAuth CID: 99Dispenser [1.0]Dispenser toolsDefined by an extensionYes4,960 changes
de-userfyinga new user moving a page out of the userspaceA new user moving a page from his/her userspace into the mainspace.
Tagged by filter 630 (hist · log)
Defined by an extensionYes2,869 changes
visualeditor-needcheckVisual edit: CheckEdit made using the visual editor where the system detected the wikitext possibly having unintended changes.Defined by an extensionYes2,674 changes
Extraneous formattingautomatic insertion of extraneous formattingTagged by filter 345 (hist · log)Defined by an extensionYes2,608 changes
userspace spampossible userspace spamTagged by filter 466 (hist · log)Defined by an extensionYes2,258 changes
discretionary sanctions alertdiscretionary sanctions alertUser alerted recipient to existence of discretionary sanctions.
Tagged by filter 602 (hist · log)
Defined by an extensionYes1,744 changes
contenttranslationContentTranslationThe content was translated from another language using the Content Translation tool.Defined by an extensionYes1,399 changes
signature addedsignature addedTagged by filter 613 (hist · log)Defined by an extensionNo1,172 changes
External Link added to disambiguation pageExternal link added to disambiguation pageIndicates that the edit added an external link to a disambiguation page, which may indicate spam.
Tagged by filter 657 (hist · log)
Defined by an extensionYes1,041 changes
image added to templateImage added to templateAn image was added to a template by a non-autoconfirmed user.
Tagged by filter 600 (hist · log)
Defined by an extensionNo908 changes
self-renaming and bad user talk movesself-renaming or bad user talk moveA user moved their root user page to a different name or moved their root talk page into the article talk namespace.
Tagged by filter 5 (hist · log)
Defined by an extensionYes574 changes
new blank articlenew blank articleThis edit created a blank article.
Tagged by filter 632 (hist · log)
Defined by an extensionYes451 changes
OAuth CID: 263WikiEduDashboard NTDB4 [1.0]Development instance of the WikiEduDashboardDefined by an extensionNo296 changes
OAuth CID: 212dashboard-testing.wikiedu.org [1.0]The staging instance Wiki Education Founation dashboard, a tool for Education Program courses. For more details, see https://github.com/WikiEducationFoundation/WikiEduDashboardDefined by an extensionYes253 changes
OAuth CID: 151wikiedu.org Assignment Design Wizard [1.0.2]This will be a tool for instructors who want to design Wikipedia assignments for their courses. They will log in via OAuth, and then go through a wizard to set up their own course plan. At the end, the application will post the course plan to Wikipedia using the instructor's account.Defined by an extensionYes225 changes
OAuth CID: 85Snuggle (English Wikipedia) [1.0.0]

Snuggle is an intelligent user interface that is designed to help Wikipedians identify desirable new Wikipedia editors. The interface lists all accounts registered in the last 30 days along with contributions and talk page messages.

Snuggle has two primary functions:

  • Supporting direct interaction with newcomers through the "action" menu.
  • Categorizing newcomers by their intentions to help other Snuggle users focus their attention.

Note that categorizing users also provides input to the intelligent algorithm used to sort newcomers by their "desirability".

Defined by an extensionYes176 changes
OAuth CID: 251WINTR Wikiedu Dashboard Local Test 3 [1.0]Test app for dashboard additions for Wikiedu FOundationDefined by an extensionNo174 changes
OAuth CID: 252WikiEduDashboard NTDB3 [1.0]Dev implementation of WikiEdu DashboardDefined by an extensionNo129 changes
OAuth CID: 159wikiedu Assignment Wizard 2.0 Teting [1.0]YET ANOTHER testing app for wikiedu.Defined by an extensionNo67 changes
OAuth CID: 150WINTR Wikiedu Wizard Local Test [1.0]Last one didn't work. Making a new one.Defined by an extensionNo48 changes
OAuth CID: 154wikiedu.org Assignment Design Wizard (testing) [0.99]The staging instance for updates to the wikiedu.org Assignment Design WizardDefined by an extensionYes45 changes
OAuth CID: 64CropTool [1.2]Tool to crop imagesDefined by an extensionYes42 changes
OAuth CID: 236dashboard.wikiedu.org dev [0.4.2]dev consumer for dashboard.wikiedu.orgDefined by an extensionNo36 changes
OAuth CID: 67OAuth Uploader [1.0]Upload files to Commons via OAuth. Maybe some limited editing, later.Defined by an extensionYes21 changes
OAuth CID: 278dashboard.wikiedu.org dev [0.4.5]dev consumer for dashboard.wikiedu.orgDefined by an extensionNo19 changes
OAuth CID: 144wikiedu.org Assignment Design Wizard [1.0.1]This will be a tool for instructors who want to design Wikipedia assignments for their courses. They will log in via OAuth, and then go through a wizard to set up their own course plan. At the end, the application will post the course plan to Wikipedia using the instructor's account.Defined by an extensionYes18 changes
OAuth CID: 206WikiEduDashboard NTDB [1.2]MediaWiki login for the WikiEduDashboard. Local development.Defined by an extensionNo16 changes
OAuth CID: 285WikiEduDashboard NTDB5 [1.0]Nate Bailey's local machineDefined by an extensionNo12 changes
OAuth CID: 261dashboard.wikiedu.org dev [0.4.4]dev consumer for dashboard.wikiedu.orgDefined by an extensionNo11 changes
OAuth CID: 142wikiedu Assignment Wizard [1.0]Client App in support of an course assignment creation wizard for wikiedu initiatives.Defined by an extensionNo8 changes
OAuth CID: 259dashboard.wikiedu.org dev [0.4.3]dev consumer for dashboard.wikiedu.orgDefined by an extensionNo5 changes
OAuth CID: 76LCA Tools [1.5]Tool to allow LCA (Especially CA) team to process certain time heavy tasks (such as takedowns) from a central location.Defined by an extensionYes4 changes
OAuth CID: 239TorProxy [0.1]Test, please don't approve!Defined by an extensionNo3 changes
OAuth CID: 194WikiEduWizard NTDB [1.2]Local installation of WikiEduWizard for developpment purposesDefined by an extensionNo3 changes
OAuth CID: 320dashboard.wikiedu.org dev [0.4.8]dev consumer for dashboard.wikiedu.orgDefined by an extensionNo2 changes
OAuth CID: 211dashboard.wikiedu.org dev [0.4]dev for dashboard.wikiedu.orgDefined by an extensionNo2 changes
OAuth CID: 115User Analysis Tool [1.0]The User Analysis Tool is an edit counter undergoing developments and enhancements. It is a subcomponent of xtools.Defined by an extensionYes2 changes
OAuth CID: 21Barnsworth [1.0]A tool for a sending barnstars.Defined by an extensionYes1 change
OAuth CID: 60LCA Tools [1.0]Tool to allow LCA (Especially CA) team to process certain time heavy tasks (such as takedowns) from a central location.Defined by an extensionNo1 change
OAuth CID: 297dashboard.wikiedu.org dev [0.4.7]dev consumer for dashboard.wikiedu.orgDefined by an extensionNo1 change
OAuth CID: 314TorProxy [0.2]Test, please don't approve yet!Defined by an extensionNo1 change