Special Edition (Infamous Mobb album)

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Special Edition
Special Edition (album).jpg
Studio album by Infamous Mobb
Released March 26, 2002
Genre East Coast hip hop, Gangsta Rap
Label IM³
Producer The Alchemist, Ax The Bull, V.I.C., Phil, Ron Gotti, Uno-Dos, Havoc, DJ Muggs
Infamous Mobb chronology
Special Edition
Reality Rap
(2007)Reality Rap2007

Special Edition is the debut album by Infamous Mobb. Label dealings kept the album shelved for a while, but the album was finally released in 2002. The majority of the album is produced by The Alchemist. Much like Mobb Deep, Infamous Mobb rap about the thug life in the projects of Queensbridge, touching on subjects like drugs, money and guns. The album sold 100,000 units as an independent release.

Track listing[edit]

# Title Performer(s) Producer(s) Time
1 "Intro" Infamous Mobb The Alchemist 1:12
2 "IM³" Infamous Mobb The Alchemist 4:46
3 "Born Again" Infamous Mobb, Hostyle of Screwball Ax The Bull 3:54
4 "Killa Queens" Infamous Mobb, Prodigy, Big Noyd V.I.C. 4:01
5 "Special Edition" Infamous Mobb The Alchemist 3:29
6 "I Rep" Ty Nitty Phil 2:41
7 "The Family [Skit]" Prodigy The Alchemist 0:40
8 "Mobb Niggaz [The Sequel]" Infamous Mobb, Prodigy The Alchemist 4:27
9 "Reality Rap" Infamous Mobb, Blitz, Kaos, Uno-Dos Uno-Dos 5:09
10 "Make a Livin'" Infamous Mobb, Chinky, V-12 Ron Gotti 4:00
11 "We Don't Give A..." Infamous Mobb, Havoc Havoc 3:54
12 "Back in the Days" Infamous Mobb, Chinky The Alchemist 4:11
13 "B.I.G. - T.W.I.N.S." Twin Gambino The Alchemist 3:04
14 "We Strive" Infamous Mobb, Ty Maxx The Alchemist 4:39
15 "We Will Survive" Godfather Pt. III, Chinky DJ Muggs 4:21
16 "War / Get High Get Bent" Infamous Mobb Havoc / Ax The Bull 7:07