Special Forces (Maldives)

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MNDF Special Forces
Active 2008 - Present
Country Maldives Maldives
Branch Maldives National Defence Force
Type Special Forces,
Role Reconnaissance,
Unconventional warfare,
Counter insurgency,
Counter terrorism,
Special Weapons operations.
Nickname(s) SF
Colours Black or Combat Green & Maroon
Commander Lieutenant Colonel Ahmed Ghiyas
Deputy Commander Major Hassan Shahid
Maroon beret with regimental badge

The Special Forces Team is the elite Special Forces and Airborne unit of the Maldives National Defence Force capable of planning and conducting a broad range of special operations across the operational continuum.[1] They are specialized in carrying unconventional warfare, counter-terrorism, counter insurgency, hostage rescues operations.


Special forces was recently inaugurated by former president and Commander-in-chief Mohamed Nasheed during a special ceremony held on October 27, 2009.[1]

Selection and Training[edit]

Special Forces of the MNDF are popular for their specialization in a wide variety of unique special operations skills, attained through a high level of training. The SF undergoes an intense yearlong calendar cycle of scrupulous special forces training which demands stringent physical agility, psychological wellbeing and intelligence.[1] They also take pride in frequent cross training with foreign élite forces such as the US Army Special Forces, the US Navy Seals, the British SAS, and the Army Commandos of Sri Lanka.[1] The Soldiers are generally qualified in Parachuting and specializes on marksmanship, slithering, diving and other Special Ops tactical skills. On the whole, a profound emphasis is placed on physical fitness and skill training so that the each member will be able to withstand the rigors of real time tactical operations.[1]

Recruitment of the First batch

  • 1 - Volunteers from 18th Special Task Forces Team was selected to the trainings.
  • 2 - Soldiers completed their first anti-terrorism tactics from Girifushi training center in Maldives.
  • 3 - 20 best soldiers was selected from Girifushi training centre to the advanced trainings which was divided into 6 different tasks completed in L.Kahdhoo & Gdh.Kadehdhoo islands. Soldiers were trained in Maldives by instructors from various countries.
  • 4 - Some weapons and tactics courses were completed in Sri Lanka.
  • 5 - 24 officers completed anti-hijacking, hostage rescue, helicopter rappelling, land navigation and parachute courses in Sri Lanka
  • 6 - Special forces team were trained from Commando regiment school and Special Forces training academy in Maduru Oya, Sri Lanka.
  • 7 - They also complete their advanced modern mortar and combat armed training 8 month course in Special forces academy in Maduru Oya, Sri Lanka.[2]


Operation Dolphin[edit]

"Operation Dolphin" was the first major operation carried out by the Special Forces since it was founded. The élite combat team of the special forces travelled to Gan. The primary task of the operation was to handle the security of all VIPs who would attend the 17th SAARC summit in Addu and also to carry out counter-terrorism operations.[3]

In order to prepare for this operation, the Special Forces carried out joint training programmes in the Maldives and abroad with US Army Special Forces.[3]


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