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Special Generation was an American new jack swing/urban R&B quintet that was the brainchild of M.C. Hammer. The group members are Lead singer Maquet Robinson, Kendrick Washington, Fernando Carter, Charles Salter and Maurice Dowdell. The group sang heart felt harmonic background vocals on several MC Hammers hit releases from the 90's (such as "U Can't Touch This", "Help the Children" and "Have You Seen Her"), before becoming major recording artists in their own right in early 1990. That same year, their debut album, Take It To The Floor which was released off of Hammer's Bust it / Capitol Records label, debuted their first song "Love me just for me " which climbed the charts with a bullet for 21 weeks and finally went gold,[1] their debut album was released and did well in the music/recording industry due in part to the popular ballad "Love Me Just For Me" (peaked at #04 on the Billboard Hot 100 in December 1990[2]) and a follow up mid-tempo R&B Top Ten Hit "Spark of Love". Special Generation went on in 1992 to release there sophomore album entitled "Butterflies" in which the group recorded hit singles with Troop member Steven Russell whom produced and sang on the album,

The second album had producers like the legend Gerald Levert and Eddie Senior whom wrote ballads entitled " The Right One, "Silly Me Silly You" and "Who makes the choice" along with co writers Joe Little of the The Rude Boys. During the release of the "Butterflies" Album the group took on major tour dates with Bobby Brown,TLC on the " Ain't No Humping Around Tour" and later to complete dates with groups like "After 7", Sisters with Voices, Keith Sweat, B Angie B, HI Five and many more. In 2002, a single was released entitled" I Don;t Wanna Be Alone". After the year of 2003, the group has not release a new single.