Special Herbs, Vol. 3

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Special Herbs, Vol. 3
SH Vol 3.jpg
Studio album by Metal Fingers
Released 2002
Recorded Various dates
Genre Hip hop, instrumental hip hop
Length 23:53
Label Female Fun Records
Producer Metal Fingers
Metal Fingers chronology
Special Herbs, Vol. 2
Special Herbs, Vol. 3
Special Herbs, Vol. 4

Special Herbs, Vol. 3 is an album of instrumental works released by MF Doom under the Metal Fingers moniker, the third release in his Special Herbs series. Following the pattern set by previous installments of the series, each track is named after a herb or similar flora.

Owing to differences in record labels and overlaps in track listings, this album also makes up the first part of the next installment in the series, Special Herbs, Vol. 4.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Agrimony" – 2:06
  2. "Arabic Gum" – 2:50
    • Produced by Metal Fingers
  3. "Benzoin Gum" – 2:47
    • Produced by Metal Fingers
  4. "Bergamot Wild" – 3:25
    • Produced by Metal Fingers
  5. "Calamus Root" – 3:49
    • Produced by Metal Fingers
  6. "Dragon's Blood Resin" – 3:38
    • Produced by Metal Fingers
  7. "Elder Blossoms" – 2:46
    • Produced by Metal Fingers
  8. "Styrax Gum" – 2:32
    • Produced by Metal Fingers

Other versions[edit]

  • "Arabic Gum" is an instrumental version of "No Snakes Alive Pt. 3" by MF Grimm, from the collaboration EP with MF DOOM, the MF EP. It is also used on an updated version, "No Snakes Alive", by King Geedorah featuring MF Grimm and Rodan, from the album Take Me to Your Leader.
  • "Bergamot Wild" is an instrumental version of "Rain Blood" by MF Grimm featuring Megalon, from the album The Downfall of Ibliys: A Ghetto Opera. It is also used on "Rain Blood Pt. 2" by MF Grimm, from the album Special Herbs and Spices Volume 1; and also on "Clipse of Doom" by Ghostface Killah featuring Trife, from the album Fishscale.
  • "Blood Root" is an instrumental version of "I Hear Voices" by MF Doom, the bonus track on the album Operation: Doomsday.
  • "Calamus Root" is an instrumental version of "Dead Bent" by MF DOOM, from Operation: Doomsday.
  • "Dragon's Blood Resin" is an instrumental version of "Go With The Flow" by MF DOOM, from the Operation: Doomsday.
  • "Elder Blossoms" is an instrumental version of "Sumpthin's Gotta Give" by Prophetix, from the album High Risk.
  • "Styrax Gum" is an instrumental version of "That's That" by DOOM, from BORN LIKE THIS.

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