Special Jaegers

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Country  Finland
Branch Finnish Army seal Finnish Army
Type Special Forces
Role Special operations
Size Company
Garrison/HQ Utti Jaeger Regiment
Nickname(s) EJkr
Motto(s) Excelsior
Engagements War in Afghanistan

Special Jaegers (Finnish: Erikoisjääkärit) are the primary professional special operations force of the Finnish Army. They are trained in the Utti Jaeger Regiment.


The purpose of special jaeger training is to maintain and develop the special operations capability of the Army. Personnel are trained for the most demanding special operations in Finland and, when necessary, abroad. The Special Jaeger Battalion of the Utti Jaeger Regiment provides special jaeger training for reserve NCOs, reserve officers and personnel of the Defence Forces. Previously also conscripts were trained to become Special Jaegers but in the mid 2000s the conscript training was limited to paratroopers (long range patrol reconnaissance) and Special Jaeger training for professional special forces operators was officially started. Reservists who have NCO or reserve officer training are eligible to apply for the Special Jaeger course. Previous service in the Utti Jaeger Regiment is not mandatory.

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