Special Operations Command (Spain)

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Coat of arms of the Special Operations Command.
Guidon of the Special Operations Force Command.
Barracks used by the Special Operations Command for high altitude training in Sierra Nevada.

The Special Operations Command (Spanish: Mando de Operaciones Especiales) is the command charged with overseeing the various Special Operations Groups (Grupos de Operaciones Especiales or GOE) of the Spanish Army.

It is based in Alicante, Alférez Rojas Navarrete barracks.

It was created in 1997, following other NATO armies organization. The Spanish Army had created in the 1980s six Special Operation Groups (Grupos de Operaciones Especiales, GOE) and also had a Special Operations group in the Spanish Legion, the Bandera de Operaciones Especiales de la Legión (BOEL).

Subordinate operating units are Grupos de Operaciones Especiales Valencia III, Tercio del Ampurdán IV, and Bandera de Operaciones Especiales "C. L. Maderal Oleaga" XIX de la Legión.


The three Special Operations Groups are subordinated:

Insignia Group
Coat of Arms of the 2nd Special Operations Group Granada.svg 2nd Special Operations Group "Granada"
(Grupo de Operaciones Especiales "Granada" II)
Coat of Arms of the 3rd Special Operations Group Valencia.svg 3rd Special Operations Group "Valencia"
(Grupo de Operaciones Especiales "Valencia" III)
Coat of Arms of the 4th Special Operations Group Tercio del Ampurdán.svg 4th Special Operations Group "Tercio del Ampurdán"
(Grupo de Operaciones Especiales "Tercio del Ampurdán" IV)
Coat of Arms of the 19th Special Operations Group Maderal Oleaga.svg 19th Special Operations Group "Maderal Oleaga"
(Grupo de Operaciones Especiales "Maderal Oleaga" XIX)[1]

There are two Special Operations Command auxiliary units:

Insignia Unit
Coat of Arms of the MOE Headquarters Group.svg Special Operations Command Headquarters Group
(Grupo del Cuartel General del Cuartel General de Operaciones Especiales)
Coat of Arms of the Special Operations Command Signals Company.svg Special Operations Command Signals Company
(Compañía de Transmisiones del Mando de Operaciones Especiales)[2]


  1. ^ Formerly Bandera de Operaciones Especiales de la Legión (Spanish Legion Special Operations Flag), BOEL.
  2. ^ "UNIDADES/Alicante/Mando de Operaciones Especiales" [UNITS/Alicante/Special Operations Command] (in Spanish). Spanish Defense. Retrieved 10 October 2013.

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