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The Special Reconnaissance Unit was a covert British Army unit involved in plain-clothes operations in Northern Ireland. Its troops were recruited from line battalions and trained in an eight-week course by the SAS. An initial deployment of 120 men took place in November 1972.[1][2]

Wilson briefing[edit]

An April 1974 briefing for Prime Minister Harold Wilson stated:

The term "Special Reconnaissance Unit" and the details of its organisation and mode of operations have been kept secret. The SRU operates in Northern Ireland at present under the cover name "Northern Ireland Training and Advisory Teams (Northern Ireland)" - NITAT(NI) - ostensibly the equivalent of genuine NITAT teams in UKLF and BAOR.[3]

As part of the 14th Intelligence Company, the unit was amalgamated with the Special Reconnaissance Regiment or SRR in 2005.[4]

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