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For the Bahraini paramilitary law enforcement body, see Special Security Force Command.

Special Security Force(SSF) is a Bangladeshi law enforcement agency that provides protection to government officials and foreign dignitaries.

The Presidential Security Force Ordinance (PSFO) established a security force which is to be under the direct command of the president and controlled and administered by a director who may be invested with the powers of the chief of army staff in respect of operations of the force. The force may seek the assistance of other services, such as law enforcement agencies, paramilitary forces and defence and intelligence agencies.

The force was originally intended to "provide physical security," both to the president wherever he may be and to VIPs (including any head of state or government or any person declared to be a VIP by the government). Following restoration of the parliamentary system, it was renamed the Special Security Force (SSF) whose primary function is to protect the prime minister, the president and other VIPs. Its work also includes "collecting and communicating intelligence affecting the physical security of the prime minister, the president or a VIP" (Section 8). The SSF is now accountable to the prime minister under the present parliamentary system and is given the power to "arrest without warrant . . . any person when there is reason to believe that the presence or movement of such person at or near the place where the prime minister, the president or a VIP is living or staying or through which he is passing or about to pass is prejudicial to the physical security of the prime minister, the president or such VIP; and if such person forcibly resists the endeavour to arrest him or attempts to evade arrest, such officer may use all means necessary to effect the arrest and may, if necessary and after giving such warning as may be appropriate in the circumstances of the case or otherwise so, use force against him as to cause death" (Section 8).

The wide and unfettered powers granted to the authorities above under the Special Security Force Ordinance (SSFO) enacted in 1986 are exacerbated by Section 11 which prevents prosecution for such acts without government sanction. provides physical security to the Very Important Persons (VIPs). Persons performing duties are called Agents who are selected and trained officers from Army, Navy, Air force, Police and Ansar. Persons from other ranks also actively support the organization. SSF is organized in various bureaus namely Ops and Protection, Intelligence, Logistics and Training. The office is located at Prime Minister's Office at Tejgaon.

Special Security Force


The mission of SSF is to provide physical security to the President, Head of the Government and any person designated as VIP by the Government of Peoples Republic of Bangladesh. SSF takes necessary measures in coordination with civil administration, security and intelligence organizations to prevent as well as protect VIPs from any threats. SSF is also responsible for the security of VIPs’ offices and residences.


The idea of establishing a security force in Bangladesh for physical protection of VIPs was first mooted by the then President Hussain Muhammad Ershad. Accordingly Presidential Security Force (PSF) was formed on 15 June 1986. Later with the introduction of Parliamentary Government System in Bangladesh, the force was renamed as Special Security Force on 27 September 1991.


Commanded by Director General (equivalent to the rank of Brigadier General or Major General)the SSF is organized in four administrative Bureaus. They are:

  • Operation and Protection Bureau
  • Intelligence Bureau
  • Logistics Bureau
  • Training Bureau

SSF Headquarters is located at Prime Minister's Office in Tejgaon, Dhaka. SSF maintains independent training complex and accommodations of its own co-located near the headquarters.


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