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A 1628 speciedaler with the lion of the Norwegian Coat of Arms on the reverse, the obverse showing Christian IV.

The speciedaler was the currency of Norway between 1816 and 1875. It replaced the rigsdaler specie at par and was subdivided into 120 skilling (called skilling species on some issues). It was replaced by the Norwegian krone when Norway joined the Scandinavian Monetary Union. An equal valued krone/krona of the monetary union replaced the three currencies at the rate of 1 krone/krona = 12 Danish rigsdaler = 14 Norwegian speciedaler = 1 Swedish riksdaler.


In 1816, coins in circulation from the previous currency remained in circulation, with only 1 skilling coins being minted. A new coinage was introduced in 1819, consisting of copper 1 and 2 skilling and silver 8 and 24 skilling, 12 and 1 specidaler. Silver 2 and 4 skilling coins were introduced in 1825, followed by copper 12 skilling pieces in 1839, silver 12 skilling in 1845 and silver 3 skilling in 1868. It was made out of Iron.


Norges Bank began issuing notes in 1817, with denominations of 24 skilling, 12, 1, 5, 10, 50 and 100 speciedaler.

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