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This article is about the company. For other uses, see Spector (disambiguation).
Stuart Spector Design, LTD.
Industry Luthiery
Founded 1974; 43 years ago (1974)
Founder Stuart Spector
Headquarters Saugerties, New York, United States
Area served
Key people
Stuart Spector
Products Bass guitars
Website www.spectorguitar.com

Spector (Stuart Spector Design, LTD.) is an American-based company that manufactures bass guitars, founded in 1974 by American luthier Stuart Spector. Spector's first few instruments were experiments in instrument design and craftsmanship facilitated by his desire to build an instrument for his own personal use. Over the next few years, the design and construction process was refined and in 1976, with the help of furniture designer Ned Steinberger, the company developed its most popular design, the NS-Bass (production started in 1977).

Guitar Series[edit]

Currently, Spector produces several bass guitar and electric guitar lines. The models produced by Spector:

  • Signature Artist Series basses - Basses that are used by musicians who play Spector instruments. They are produced in the USA, Czech Republic, and Korea.
  • USA Series Basses - Basses that are handcrafted to order by Stuart Spector and his four employees at their famous New York workshop.
  • Europe Series Basses - Production version of the hand-made USA Series basses manufactured in Czech Republic, since 1993.
  • Korean-Professional Series Basses - Factory line basses manufactured in Korea. Same smaller quality oriented Korean factory for Spector since 1986.
  • USA Series Electric Guitars - Made by hand in the same New York workshop as the USA bass models, there are several models including bolt-on neck and set-neck designs.
  • Korean-Professional Series Electric Guitars - A production version of the USA Series ARC6 Electric Guitar model made in the same factory as the Korean-Professional bass models.


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