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Spectra Records Music Group.
Industry Music
Founded 1997
Headquarters Southeast, USA
Parent Spectra Music Group
Website Spectra Records website

The Spectra Music Group is a United States music company founded in February 1997 comprising the independent record companies Spectra Records, Monarchy Records, Spectra Jazz and Spectra Heritage—which is based in the United States, Canada and United Kingdom.

Labels and projects[edit]

Spectra Records is an American record label founded in 1997. Spectra Records was launched originally as a rock-music-only label in 1997. By 1998, the label's musical base was expanded to include all genres of music. In 2010, Spectra added the Spectra Jazz division to include a wide variety of jazz genres including traditional, bop, Latin, and contemporary styles.

Spectra Records publishing company is Artceps Music. This was started in 1997 when the label was formed. Artceps Music is simply Spectra spelled backwards.


Among its many acts, it currently includes Lou Gramm, T-Rex, Magni, Gregory Abbott, Cutting Crew, HalfBrother Sid, Stephen Bishop, Tony Tery, Paul Young, The Hitchers, The Gypsy Sons, and Jumpship Astronaut.

Some other Spectra artists include Matt Cusson, Steve Whalley, Joe Bouchard, Rock Star: Supernova's Magni Ásgeirsson, Orleans, Transmission Fields, When in Rome, Glenn Jones, Los Musicos de Jose, Adina Howard., Columbia, The Brown Edition, Fredro Starr, Michael Walker, Dakeye, Chris Massey, Butch Thomas, Steve Barton, Sebastian Portillo, Brendan Keeley and numerous others.

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