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Spectris plc
Traded asLSESXS
Egham, Surrey, United Kingdom
HeadquartersEgham, Surrey, United Kingdom
Key people
John Hughes, Chairman
Andrew Heath, CEO
Revenue£1,604.2 million (2018)[1]
£176.4 million (2018)[1]
£185.2 million (2018)[1]

Spectris plc is a supplier of precision instrumentation and controls. It is listed on the London Stock Exchange and is a constituent of the FTSE 250 Index.


The Company was founded by Richard Fairey in 1915, as the Fairey Aviation Company with the objective of manufacturing seaplanes.[2] In 1980 the business was acquired by Pearson from which it was the subject of a management buy-out in 1987.[2] It was first listed on the London Stock Exchange in 1988.[2] In the 1990s the Company focused on electronics selling its electrical insulator and hydraulic actuator businesses.[2]

In 1997 it acquired Burnfield, a measuring instruments manufacturer, and in 1999 it bought Servomex, an industrial instruments manufacturer.[2] In 2000 it bought four instrumentation businesses from Spectris A.G. of Germany and then in 2001 changed its name to Spectris plc.[2] In 2002 it bought the Philips Analytical business.[3] In 2011, Spectris bought Omega Engineering for $475 million.[4] In December 2012 it sold Fusion UV to Heraeus Holding, GmbH. for $172 million (USD) in cash using the proceeds to pay down debt.[5] In 2014 it acquired ESG Solutions, an industry leader and pioneer in microseismic technology and services for the oil and gas, mining and geotechnical industries.[6]

Spectris had been expected to be taken over by Bain Capital and Advent International in what would have been one of the largest debt-fuelled takeovers of a publicly-listed British company in 2018. The company announced on 22 December 2018 that the deal had collapsed due to political uncertainty in the United Kingdom.[7]


The Company is organised as follows:[8]


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