Spectrum Comics

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Spectrum Comics
Status defunct, 1984
Founded 1980
Founder Steve Woron, Darla Woron, Cherie Krystofolski, Henry Krystofolski
Country of origin United States
Headquarters location Bristol, Connecticut
Key people Steve Woron
Darla Woron
Bob Lewis
Publication types Comic books
Fiction genres Superheroes

Spectrum Comics was a short-lived American comic book publisher during the 1980s. Based in Bristol, Connecticut, Spectrum only published three series during its existence. Notable creators associated with Spectrum included Steve Woron, Karl Kesel and Tom Morgan.


  • Spectrum Comics Previews (Feb. 1983) — magazine-sized issue previewing upcoming Spectrum titles
  • Codename: Strikeforce (1 issue, June 1984–) — a team of four heroes. Strike has the power to shoot fire from his hands because of power bracelets that he wears. Pig-Iron can alter his body mass making himself extremely dense, and is unaffected by weapons such as guns. Sterling has super strength and is impervious to harm. Celsius can generate massive amounts of radioactive activity which he can discharge at will.
  • Guardian (2 issues, March–June 1984)
  • Survivors [a.k.a. They Were Chosen to Be the Survivors] (4 issues, Jan 1983-March 1984) — title picked up by Prelude Graphics, a division of New Sirius Productions.


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