Spectrum Range

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Spectrum Range
Spectrum Range satellite.jpg
Satellite photo of the Spectrum Range
Highest point
PeakYeda Peak
Elevation2,430 m (7,970 ft)
Coordinates57°26′0″N 130°41′0″W / 57.43333°N 130.68333°W / 57.43333; -130.68333Coordinates: 57°26′0″N 130°41′0″W / 57.43333°N 130.68333°W / 57.43333; -130.68333
Spectrum Range is located in British Columbia
Spectrum Range
Spectrum Range
ProvinceBritish Columbia
Parent rangeTahltan Highland (southwestern Stikine Plateau)
Age of rockPliocene-to-Holocene
Type of rockShield volcano

The Spectrum Range, formerly called the Spectrum Mountains and the Rainbow Mountains, is a subrange of the Tahltan Highland in the Stikine Country of northwestern British Columbia, 20 km west of the Stewart-Cassiar Highway, south of Mount Edziza and north of the Arctic Lake Plateau. The Spectrum Range falls within Mount Edziza Provincial Park. The range is lightly glaciated, as compared to the other ranges to the west. It is accessible only by foot or via helicopter; there are no roads to the range.[1]


Like the Rainbow and ItchaIlgachuz Ranges at the western end of the Chilcotin Plateau farther south, the range's name derives from the brilliant colours that are symptomatic from heavy mineralization comprising the material forming the range.[1]

The Spectrum Range is one of four large stratovolcanoes that make up the Mount Edziza volcanic complex. A predominantly lava dome overlies a basal shield volcano. The range is Pliocene in age and on its southwestern flank contains Pleistocene subglacial and subaerial cones and its northwest and southwest sides contain Holocene pyroclastic cones and lava flows. The youngest feature in the volcanic complex could be The Ash Pit.


The volcanoes that make up the Spectrum Range include:

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