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Speculative Fiction Group (Persian: گروه ادبیات گمانه‌زن) formerly known as Fantasy Academy (Persian:آکادمی فانتزی) is a Persian literature group whose main representation media is a website which is currently name Fantasy Academy (www.fantasy.ir). Speculative Fiction Group (SFG) is composed of a group of writers, researchers, translators and fan of Science-Fiction, Fantasy, Horror and Detective literary genres. The group is the governing body of the Persian Speculative Fiction Art and Literature Award, Shegetzar online magazine, Persian Speculative Encyclopedia and 'Persian SF&F Fanzine'.

Fantasy Academy group has an English portal for the main site and established a MediaWiki based Encyclopedia of science fiction and fantasy.[1]


SFG started as a fanzine club named Zirabious in early 2004 and later in 2005 after renaming to Fantasy Academy changed its approach to a more academic path and later became the sole reference for Persian speculative fiction specially science fiction, since there is still no group or organization working in this area.[citation needed] In 2010 the group reformed again to separate the fan base from academic activities, and all of fan activities moved to a new website called Fanzine (Persian: فنزین).

Officially established in 2004, the group have founded on an earlier local private group called Seventh Dimension. Fantasy Academy has developed in several aspects considering its target genre since then. Primarily the main focus of the group was to introduce and localization of the two main subgenres of speculative fiction: fantasy and science fiction. However, the other subgenres including horror fiction has been added recently.

The main media of representation of the group has been Internet, but, there were some occasionally appearances in other media such as televisions, newspapers, magazines and exhibitions.

From the beginning, there were many branches which were related to main site and through the time, the branches have increased. Most influential branches could be mention as Encyclopedia, English Moon and a Gallery, all of them are heavily supported and depended to main site: fantasy academy. In 2008 when the then group Editor in Chief issued the copyright decree (currently no international copyright law is valid in Iran.), the Gallery closed down.

In 2008, there were extensive efforts to perform researches in the field of fantasy literature in Persian language and these efforts have formed the main new goal of the group by now.

Group structure[edit]

SFG is now combined of several subgroups each of them devoted to a part of activities. All groups work independently in their area, however has a good cooperation with the whole body.

Persian Fantasy Academy meeting bench at Laleh Park

Main aim[edit]

The official main aim of this group is: "To maintain effective helps to the speculative genre to be developed and published in the Persian language". The group also try to introduce and support all new Persian writers and intellectuals in this genre.

Head and coordinator[edit]

Each group of the body has its own coordinator members. However, the person who represents the group holds the title of "chief editor", an official member of the group who is chosen by the members casually for indefinite term. The group has experienced four chief editors by now and the current chief editor of the body is Mehdi Bonvari.

Major subgroups[edit]

The main subgroups of the Fantasy Academy are as follows:

Popular activities[edit]

The Fantasy Academy, known as the main group of this genre in Iran, run and participate many activities annually, including but not restricted to an annual Ceremony, introduction to a famous writer meeting, general talk session, weekly session for discussion and contemplation and so on.

Persian Speculative Fiction Short Story Contest[edit]

An annual award, presented by Persian Fantasy Academy. the award is given to the best short story of the year in the field of science fictions, horror fiction or fantasy genre. The winner is selected among all participants of the yearly contest. The contest starts in winter every year and ends in the spring, and results is announced during the summer. All participated stories should be written in Persian but the authors may be from any nationality.

First award has given in year 2004 and the jury members were all belonged to Persian Fantasy Academy Group. However, after that the group invited some well-known and notable authors, critics and translators of the Persian literature to judgment committee, among these were: Média Kashigar, Reza Alizade, Mitra Eliati, Arash Hejazi, Peyman Ghasemkhani, Shahram Eghbal Zadeh, Vida Eslamie and Mehdi Yazdani Khoram.

Persian Speculative Fiction Art and Literature Award[edit]

It is a yearly event, which takes place in July. The awards are given every year for the best science fiction or fantasy works and achievements of the previous year.

The award is accompanied with a great convention of all speculative fiction proponents and is the main event of the field in Iran.

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