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Speedcast International Limited
Traded asASXSDA
IndustrySatellite communication
Area served
Key people
Pierre-Jean Beylier
ServicesOver 90 Satellite Beams
Number of employees

Speedcast International Limited is an Australian company specializing in communications satellite technology


Speedcast was founded in September 1999. (Speedcast Ltd., 2010) AsiaSat became a primary shareholder in Speedcast in March 2000. In November 2007, AsiaSat purchased all outstanding shares to become 100% owner of Speedcast.[1] Speedcast launched a whole bunch of satellite telecommunications service to customers over the course of the past 13 years.[2]

TA Associates, a global growth private equity firm, completed a buyout of Speedcast Ltd, from (“AsiaSat”) in September 2012.[3]

Since that time, Speedcast has completed the buyout of three satellite communications companies: Australian Satellite Communications ("ASC") based in South Australia in December 2012; Elektrikom Satellite Service ("Elektrikom") based in The Netherlands in January 2013; and Pactel International ("Pactel") based in Australia in April 2013. These group of companies have formed the new Speedcast Group.

In June 2014, Speedcast announced the acquisition of Oceanic Broadband an Australian integrator and solutions provider.[4]

In August 2014, Speedcast listed on the Australian Stock Exchange under the ticker SDA

In 2015, Speedcast acquired 6 different companies:

On February 25, 2015, Speedcast Ltd announced the official acquisition of Geolink Satellite Services (GEO), a provider for satellite communications and solutions worldwide.[5]

On March 16, 2015, Speedcast acquired Hermes Datacommunications International (HMS), a recognised leader in the global Oil and Gas telecommunication sector.[6]

In July 2015, the company acquired Newsat Limited, a satellite communication provider in Australia,[7] and SAIT Communications, a supplier of Mobile Satellite services in the Southern European maritime market.[8]

On November 13, 2015, ST Teleport, the satellite communications provider based in Singapore, was acquired by Speedcast.[9]

One month after, on December 29, 2015, Speedcast announced the official acquisition of Newcom international (NCI), a satellite communications service provider specializing South and Central America.[10]

The following year, in August 2016, Speedcast signed the acquisition of WINS Limited, a provider of innovative broadband satellite communications and IT solutions for the maritime sector in Europe.[11]

On January the 1st of 2017, Harris Caprock, former communications provider specializing in services to remote and harsh conditions, was acquired by Speedcast.[12]

July 23 brought the announcement that SpeedCast agrees to acquire UltiSat with the intent to create a new government division.[13]

In December 2017 the British Government partnered with SpeedCast to give the residents of Admastown, Pitcairn Islands a 5Mbit/s shared LTE Network.

Key personnel[edit]

Thomas Choi founded Speedcast in 1998 as CEO, and later Pierre-Jean Beylier was hired to lead the sales and marketing activities. He later became CEO in July 2004. During this time, Speedcast Group has grown through organic and inorganic growth to be one of the satellite service providers in the Asia-Pacific, Middle East, Europe and Africa regions; with a global maritime network serving customers worldwide. The company serves over 350 customers across more than 2,000 terrestrial sites in approximately 50 countries and more than 1,187 maritime vessels and offshore rigs.


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