Speed Racer (1996 video game)

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Speed Racer
Speed Racer
Cover art
Developer(s) Graphic Research
Publisher(s) Jaleco
Platform(s) PlayStation
  • JP: September 27, 1996
  • NA: February 28, 1998
Genre(s) Racing
Mode(s) Single-player, Multiplayer

Speed Racer (Mach Go Go Go (マッハGoGoGo, Mahha Gō Gō Gō?)) is a PlayStation game based on the television show by the same name. It was released by the company Jaleco (Tomy in Japan).


Speed Racer is an arcade type game that resembles the Sega Saturn's Daytona USA. The first track is identical, except for the lack of a pit lane, the Sonic sculpture in a wall and the different sponsor banners. The major difference between the two games is the performance of the car and the fact that the player can use all the gadgets of the anime Mach 5. The gadgets can be used to "shunt" other cars (even with the Cutter, the cars only bounce and there is no damage in the game), take shortcuts (by cutting trees and passing under lakes), etc. The controls are simple and the player switches over the gadgets and the camera views. The player can choose the length of the race in the menu, along basic sound options.


In the options menu the user can watch a video that explains all the functionalities of the gadgets on the mach 5.


The opening movie is the same of the anime carrying the Japanese version song. The North American version of the opening movie is the same as the English dub's opening. The game has several soundtracks which can be listened in the options menu, being this the game's strong point.


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