Speed Racer in The Challenge of Racer X

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Speed Racer in The Challenge of Racer X
Developer(s) Accolade
Publisher(s) Accolade
Producer(s) Todd Thorson
Designer(s) Tom Loughry
Joel Dinolt (tracks)
Programmer(s) Tom Loughry
Artist(s) Taunya Shiffer
Composer(s) Audy Helm
Platform(s) DOS
Genre(s) Racing
Mode(s) Single-player, multiplayer

Speed Racer in The Challenge of Racer X was a game designed by Accolade. The objective of the game is to challenge Racer X on various race circuits until there is one winner.


Computer Gaming World in January 1994 criticized Speed Racer, stating that "any computer game enthusiast will laugh at the graphics", Pole Position and Out Run were superior in "driveability", and there were "several serious bugs". The magazine concluded that despite "being built on a solid idea ... it was very easy to park this game in the lot of disappointments".[1]

Cheat codes, tips and tricks[edit]

There are some tips and tricks for the game [2]:

1. If Pops asked:
1.1. Q: On p.3, GENERAL, who is the VEHICLE MFR.? A: POPS RACER
1.2. Q: On p.3, ENGINE, what is the MAX. ENGINE SPEED in RPM? A: 60000
1.3. Q: On p.3, CAPACITIES, what is the capacity of the fuel tank in gallons? A: 21
1.4. Q: On p.3, CAPACITIES, the capacity for LUGGAGE in in cubic FT? A: 5.2
1.5. Q: On p.4, STEERING, what is the TURNING CIRCLE, CURB TO CURB in FT? A: 37.3


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