Speed skating at the 1928 Winter Olympics

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Speed Skating
at the II Olympic Winter Games
Speed skating pictogram.svg
Venue St. Moritz Olympic Ice Rink
Dates 13-14 February
Competitors 40 from 14 nations
← 1924
1932 →

At the 1928 Winter Olympics in St. Moritz, four speed skating events were scheduled, all for men, but medals were only awarded for three events, because the 10.000 m event was not completed. The Allround event, which was only organized in 1924, was removed from the program. The competitions were held on Monday, February 13, 1928 and on Tuesday, February 14, 1928.

The 5000 metres race between Carlson and Mayke.

Medal summary[edit]

Event Gold Silver Bronze
500 metres
Bernt Evensen
43.4 none awarded John Farrell
 United States
Clas Thunberg
Jaakko Friman
Roald Larsen
1500 metres
Clas Thunberg
2:21.1 Bernt Evensen
2:21.9 Ivar Ballangrud
5000 metres
Ivar Ballangrud
8:50.5 Julius Skutnabb
8:59.1 Bernt Evensen
10000 metres
The competition was cancelled in the fifth heat because of thawing ice

Participating nations[edit]

A total of 40 speed skaters from 14 nations competed at the St. Moritz Games:

Medal table[edit]

 Rank  Nation Gold Silver Bronze Total
1  Norway 2 1 3 6
2  Finland 2 1 1 4
3  United States 0 0 1 1