Conference League Riders' Championship

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The Conference League Riders Championship was an annual motorcycle speedway contest between the top riders (or two riders) with the highest average points total from each club competing in the Conference League in the United Kingdom.


Year Winner Team
1994 Andy Howe Cleveland Bays
1995 Kevin Little Berwick Bandits
1996 Mike Hampton Buxton Hitmen
1997 Jon Armstrong Buxton Hitmen
1998 Steve Bishop St Austell Gulls
1999 Jonathan Swales Linlithgow Lightning
2000 Scott Peglar Newport Wasps
2001 David Mason Rye House Rockets
2002 James Birkinshaw Rye House Rockets
2003 Barrie Evans Rye House Raiders
2004 James Wright Buxton Hitmen
2005 Steve Boxall Rye House Raiders
2006 Adam Roynon Buxton Hitmen
2007 Tai Woffinden Scunthorpe Scorpions
2008 Benji Compton Redcar Cubs
2009 Craig Cook Buxton Hitmen

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