Speedway Helmet Race

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The Speedway Helmet Race was an automobile race held at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, during each of the three race weekends of 1910 (the last year prior to the first Indianapolis 500). The trophy was a metal helmet, featuring the Speedway's "Wings and Wheel" logo, which the winner wore while defending his title in the next Speedway Helmet Race. The photo to the right is of auto racing star Johnny Aitken. He modeled the unique trophy in May 1910 just days before the first race in which it was the primary prize. He never won the award.

Race results[edit]

Year Date Winning Driver Car Race Distance Time of Race Winning Speed
Miles Laps
1910 May 27 United States Bob Burman Buick 5 2 00:03:37.24 82.858 mph
July 1 United States Eddie Hearne Benz 10 4 00:07:13.00 83.141 mph
Sept 3 United States Eddie Hearne Benz 10 4 00:07:03.41 85.024 mph


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