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FIM Speedway of Nations
Current season, competition or edition:
Current sports event 2019 Speedway of Nations
SportMotorcycle speedway
DirectorPhil Morris
MottoNo brakes, no gears, no fear
No. of teams15 national teams
Most recent
Most titles Russia (2 times)
TV partner(s)BT Sport (UK)
Speedway Grand Prix
Official website[1]

The Speedway of Nations is an annual speedway event held each year in different countries. The first edition of the competition in the current format took place in 2018, replacing the Speedway World Cup on the international calendar.[1] It was the first time an official FIM international pairs competition was staged since the World Pairs Championship ceased in 1993. Russia are the current champions, having won the tournament in 2018 and 2019.


Each meeting is staged between seven national teams, with each national team represented by two riders. A third rider, who must be aged 21 years or under, acts as a reserve and can be used at any time. Each pairing rides against each other once. The combined total of each pair will be used to determine the outcome.[2]

Two semi-finals are held in different countries, with the top three teams in each progressing to the final. The final is then staged between the hosts and the six qualified nations. It takes places over two rounds, with the second and third placed nations progressing to the semi-final, which is a single race. The winner of the semi-final faces the first placed nation in the Grand Final. The Grand Final winners are crowned Speedway of Nations champions.


By season[edit]

Year Venue Winners Runner-up 3rd place
2018 Poland Wrocław Russia Russia (45 Pts) United Kingdom Great Britain (46 Pts) Poland Poland (36 Pts)
2019 Russia Tolyatti Russia Russia (45 Pts) Poland Poland (47 Pts) Australia Australia (41 Pts)
Year Venue Winners Runner-up 3rd place

Medal classification[edit]

Pos National Team Total Gold Silver Bronze
1.  Russia 2 2
2.  Poland 2 1 1
3.  Great Britain 1 1
4.  Australia 1 1

Rider classification[edit]

Pos Rider Team Total Gold Silver Bronze
1. Artem Laguta  Russia 2 2
Emil Sayfutdinov  Russia 2 2
Gleb Chugunov  Russia 2 2
4. Patryk Dudek  Poland 2 1 1
Maksym Drabik  Poland 2 1 1
6. Tai Woffinden  Great Britain 1 1
Robert Lambert  Great Britain 1 1
Craig Cook  Great Britain 1 1
Bartosz Zmarzlik  Poland 1 1
10. Maciej Janowski  Poland 1 1
Jason Doyle  Australia 1 1
Max Fricke  Australia 1 1
Jaimon Lidsey  Australia 1 1

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