Spencer-Stanhope family

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Cannon Hall, home of the Spencer-Stanhope family for 200 years

Spencer-Stanhope is the family name of British landed gentry who for 200 years held Cannon Hall, a country house in South Yorkshire that since the 1950s has been a museum. The hyphenated form of the name is more common in British orthography, but American sources often omit the hyphen and alphabetize by "Stanhope."

19th century[edit]

Throughout the 19th and early 20th century, several family members (by birth and marriage) were active in the art world. They were related through John Spencer Stanhope (born 1787), a classical antiquarian, writer, and explorer, and his wife, Lady Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas Coke of Norfolk, 1st Earl of Leicester. John was the son of the industrialist, Walter Spencer-Stanhope. John Spencer Stanhope who was born in 1787 The couple died in 1873 within a few days of each other; she on October 31, he on November 7. They had six children:

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